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Sleep apena

Merry Christmas to you all. I was diagnosed with sleep apena a few months ago and got given the machine to aid better sleep. My concern is that it sometimes sounds like it's blowing a gale when i remove the mask to goto the toilet in the middle of the night. . My husband slept In the same bed as me the other night, and he said the machine is very noisy when I'm asleeping, it blows out alot of air. Now we are not sure if it's doing it because that's when my breathing stops so it's giving me a gust of air to help me breathe. Now I don't know if this is normal, as it's the first time we've slept in the same bed for along time due to my noisy sleep antics. Can anyone give me any advice on this if it's normal, or I should contact the hospital and tell them what's going on , I'd be grateful. Many thanks. 🤔.

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Hi my husband has sleep apnea and uses a Cpap machine. Before he had the machine I struggled to sleep because of his snoring. Now I gave no trouble, using the machine means that he no longer snores. Sometimes when he turns over I may get a blast of cold air where the mask slips slightly but once he is settled again its quiet. If yours is leaking I would imagine your mask is not fitting properly, perhaps you need to try a different one, also if he gets up for the loo in the night he turns the machine off, then back on again when he returns to bed. I have to say that since he started using the Cpap he is getting quality sleep and feels so much better. Good luck with yours I am sure you will work it out.


Hi. I used a full mask with mine (one that covers the nose and mouth) and there were many times when it would leak and the noise was awful. I now use one which only goes over my nose and it's so much better. The head straps are more comfortable. I don't get the dry mouth that I did with the full face despite using a humidifier. My apnea index has gone instantly from around 15 per hour average to less than 1. Sleep quality is even better and leaks almost eliminated. Soooo pleased to make the swap.


Hi I think perhaps that the Mask isn’t on properly. The shouldn’t be any gaps at all between your face and the mask ... Just readjust it until you can’t hear anything. Good luck x


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