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Sleep study update

As I posted a few weeks ago. I had my sleep study done at the hospital to try and get to the bottom off why I was screaming, shouting, singing etc. Well I got my results on Friday. They found out that my legs moved 50 times in an hour, am that i fall into a deep sleep more or less straight away, an it also states that i have sleep apnea and the consultant is referring me to a sleep apnea clinic. Due u know what if I'm not Fed up. It just seems to be one thing after another. Hubby and I already sleep in separate rooms due to my nightly activities, if I have to wear a mask overnight that's it not good. Will keep you informed when i find out anymore. πŸ€”

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Hi Debbs73 I've just joined the group and have read your post .I hope you get some answers for your symptoms soon ! Yeah it just seems to be one thing after another like you say ..take care and I will watch out for your next post xl


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