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Hi y'all i hope your not in too much pain this Sunday evening. I mentioned that I had my Esa interview at the beginning of this month. I thought after my pip the stress was over. Anyway after what felt like the longest 3 1/2 weeks, I got the dreaded brown envelope in the post. My husband opened it and gave me it showing no emotion I was so nervous reading it, due to all the bad press that has been getting with stopping people's money who need it, we all know what's been said and done. Good news though I've been awarded my Esa. I hope all of you that are still waiting get the right decision.

Sorry for the essay guy's.

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Hi Debbs73 That's good you got your esa will feel better after your anxious wait on their decision ! hope you are keeping well x

Debbs73 in reply to ArtyMamma66

Hiya. It's such a weight of my mind as your on tenterhooks just waiting. I hope those of you that are still waiting to hear back that you get a reply soon and you don't have to appeal as they've knocked you back. Last thing you want is worrying about out over Christmas.

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