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Does anyone else have a problem with diagnosis and medication

I went to hospital and saw a lovely lady doctor who said I have lots of symptoms that point to Fibromyalgia and started a course of treatment. I was given an appointment 4 months ahead and told to see my GP in the interim if necessary, I saw my GP and she prescribed medication as per the hospitals advice. I went back 4 months later to hospital and saw a different doctor who said he didn't like labels and Fibromyalgia was just that, he also told me lose weight and all my pains would go away and that I was luckier than slim people because they didn't have the advantage of being able to improve their symptoms by weight loss, he then discharged me. I felt absolutely shocked. He totally belittled what to me is a very real and painful problem. I have made an official complaint to the hospital and my GP is treating me as per the first doctors suggestions, she has also referred me to another hospital. I am losing weight but I am getting more and more pain and stiffness. I just feel very low and very de-moralised by the second doctors attitude, can anyone else tell me if they have received any diagnosis like his for me and had it made them feel worthless. I don't really know what to think any more

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Hi, when I was referred to the pain clinic he basically said if I lost weight I would lose my pains and be able to live a 'normal' life. I was disgusted! I hate going about my fibro because I feel some doctors just think it's not real! Sending hugs 🤗 x


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