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Hot flashes when you've reached your limit?

Hi, I'm 19, and I've been ill since 8. When I was 14 I became severe, and since then the way my body seems to tell me that it's had enough and that I've reached my limit by giving me a really uncomfortable hot flash. I also find that the hot weather seems to speed up that process, so I then reach the overheating stage faster than I do in the colder months.

I just really want to know if any one else gets the hot flashes, for the same reason?

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and a lot older than you (59) and am also more on ME spectrum than Fibromyalgia, I Think. But yes, I get terrible sweats and overheating. Sometimes just happens, other times when trying do things that are too much for me or when stressed over time pressures. Has got much worse in last 6 to 12 months as health declined. It's very debilitating, feel my body can't temperature regulate.


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