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Getting diagnosed

Hi, I have been going to the doctors for over 5 years for different symptoms and they have never been able to figure it out what is wrong with me and pretty much told me my pain is in my head and that i need to deal with it. I have been to the doctors for help with, knee pain (joint), muscle pain in my arms and legs, migraines/ server headaches, abdominal pain, anxiety, depression and feeling tired all of the time. I have been to the doctors recently because i have had to quit one of my jobs because I have been unable to get out of bed due to not being able to move my arms and I am finding it very hard to walk.

I mentioned ME to my doctor since he didn't seem to put the pieces together and he thinks i have it but he said that it is all in my head and that i need to just push the pain away.... which as you guys know who have these symptoms is very hard to do. I was just wondering if anyone else thinks i could have ME and if you guys who do have it if there has been any help given to you to help you in day to day activities and if

the pain goes away.


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Oh my goodness ...I do feel for you... I went through the nightmare of wondering what on earth was wrong but at least I got diagnosed fairly quickly. It does sound like ME but they should be investigating other possibilities first. No way is it all in your head, and do not keep pushing through because that makes it worse if it is ME. Have you looked at the ME charities online? Action for ME and ME association are good. Also Dr Sarah Myhill is a real advocate for ME sufferers and her supplement regime has helped me a lot. She also has a diagnostic blood test you can take - it is expensive but for me was invaluable as it showed me the illness was physical and I stopped beating myself up. (Mitochondrial function test)

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to take it slowly...with ME there needs to be a change in the way you approach life and that doesn't happen overnight. It's a tough journey but teaches you a lot. I am coming out the other end very slowly.

I don't want to overwhelm you with stuff so I'll stop there! But wishing you all the best.

Incidentally where do you live?

Bye for now



Hey, thanks for all the info its nice to know I'm not imagining it. I think they have done every other test there is trying to find out what other things it could be because before I asked about ME my doctor pretty much gave up on me.. I have had knee problems for 8years and they never found out what it was and in the last 2 years I haven't been able to move my arms properly because of muscle pain but the doctors couldn't find anything physically wrong with me and they ruled out arthritis so they told me to keep taking painkillers and it will go away, 2years later here I am with on going headaches, constantly feel knackered, anxiety and spells of depression and my doctor telling me that I am imagining the pain and its not real but as you know it really is real :(. Do you find its better to rest more or just to keep busy ? Because I'm a waitress and I am really struggling to keep my job because I find it hard to carry plates since I sometimes get pain in my wrists and I can't really walk at the minute.. I am feeling very trapped since I have to work to pay bills but its getting harder and harder to work and get out if bed. I live in Cornwall thanks for replying :) xx


Hi again, it's definitely important to rest more. Pacing is key - find out a pattern of rest and activity that your body can maintain. This is a link to a PDF booklet about pacing...

And when you start to feel better again after you've mastered the pacing, don't do too much....that's the classic mistake. Keep things steady. It's not easy but I wish you luck and never lose hope.

Sara :)


And P.S. I think you need to find a better doctor who is understanding and helpful!!


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