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Fibromyalgia ? M.E ? What's that ?

Fibromyalgia ?  M.E ? What's that ?

I wondered if this was the normal response forum members have had from the General Public when asked why you have crutches or a stick and you have responded with 'I have Fibromyalgia!'

Do they look confused?

I usually have the 'accident skiing young lady' comment and very few know about Fibromyalgia when I start talking about it.

So, has anyone had an experience where the person knows exactly what you mean?

I look forward to falling backwards if we get lots of comments where people knew all about Fibro or M.E

Don't forget we are one of Andover Carnival chosen charities this year and have an awareness stall ! Come along maybe and buy an Awareness band , show your support and let's get Andover talking

Let's get awareness out there !


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