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Mother must listen to daughter's advice!!

Out shopping with daughter we called into Coffee House for a chatty time. Half through just felt so dizzy and light headed. Did walkabouts for the toilets. When I came back daughter asked what is the matter explained situation to hear. Sound advice from her - she had to have a pacemaker fitted when she was 30yrs. The same type of sensation use to happen to her she said the best thing is to keep your legs and feet moving whilst sat down - helps the blood to start moving again. Anyone else heard of this??

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Yes, your daughter is right. Sometimes when you sit the blood tends to pool in the legs and if you get up too quickly it can absolutely cause the dizziness. Is that what started it for you? Getting up too quickly? Other things that can make you light headed would be low blood sugar...were you too hungry? Had you just taken your medicines when this happened? I hope it doesn't happen again to you and you are feeling fine now.


Hi, I have permanent AF but low to normal heartrate. My dizzy spells are few and far between, thank goodness, but when it does happen, it always seems to be when I am sat down relaxing or once when I was stood for a while in a supermarket queue so maybe that is sound advice, thank you.


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