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I have been on sotalol and apixaban for over 2 years now. I also take prednisolone and famotidine for polymyalgia.For the last few months I am finding I have to clear my throat of some phlegm, it's not frequent and doesn't bother me too much and I have no other symptoms such as breathlessness etc, but it's so annoying and I am unsure if it's from my throat or chest. It's the type you get that lingers after a cold but I haven't had one. I do a lot of shouting (sad to say and not proud of it) at my mother who lives with me and is quite challenging. I wondered if anyone else has this or thinks it's from the meds? I will discuss with my EP when I see him in March

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From Cleveland clinic (Google): Postnasal drip

"When excess mucus builds up and drips down the back of your throat, it’s called postnasal drip. In addition to feeling like mucus is draining down your throat, symptoms of postnasal drip include cough, the urge to clear your throat and hoarseness. Postnasal drip has many causes, including allergies, infections, pregnancy, medications and GERD."

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Thank you, I did wonder this. I do get a stuffy nose in the night and allthough I don't seem to get acid I am on famotidine to counteract the side effects of the steroids

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There's a simple answer to this. Why don't you stop shouting at your mother and see if the phlegm clears? I used to find that when I gave shortish talks and needed to speak louder, my voice would almost be gone by the next day. So raising the voice can certainly have unwanted effects.

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Good advice jeanjeanie, I really wish it was easy but she gives me so much verbal abuse that I snap. My best friend, my angel, my mum all of these years but she is horrible to me now and I am called all sorts of things. I have left for a while now so I will see if it improves

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I have the same issue . I have been on sotolol for a while abd have the sane issues. It has now gotten to the point it bugs me sleeping . Wondering what to do ...

I don’t have the post nasal drip problem but wanted to mention that I was also on prednisone for polymyalgia for about 15 months on a gradually decreasing dose from 25mg down to 1mg. I finished taking it in December 2021 and first went into AF in January 2022 (6 days after Covid booster) and when I had blood tests on diagnosis it was discovered my blood sugar was elevated and continued to rise over the next couple of months until my hbAc1 was 11. This has led to a diagnosis of Type 1 (LADA) diabetes which is autoimmune and thought to be caused by the prednisone. Huge shock to me at 70 yrs old and no family history of diabetes at all. Big adjustment to deal with both AF and diabetes at the same time and just wanted to advise to check your blood sugar regularly. I’m currently on Amiodorone, Metropolol, Xarelto, Rosuvastatin and Micardis along with insulin injections. I was recently changed from Sotalol to the Metropolol. I’m in Australia and I thought our stories sounded similar.

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