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Alternating heart beat


Hi, anyone else had this happen?

Had ablation 6.5 months ago. Had a few periods of tachycardia, but hotter monitor showed nothing major. Had four episodes which lasted longer and I needed PIP.

This week I've been rushing around and have probably done too much and yesterday morning I felt really tired and lightheaded. Lunchtime I noticed my heart was alternating between fast and normal every 20 secs or so (sometimes 2 sometimes 57 secs of each, all totally randomly). Eventually I took my PIP and felt better once it worked, but then last night we were out (!) And had a nice meal, (but not stupidly big) and begun to feel very faint. It last about 20 minutes and I realised my heart was now going normal and really slow! It settled down later and was okay all night as far as I can tell.

But today the fast/normal thing is happening again and I feel lightheaded and tired again, but I am reluctant to take the PIP and risk, the low heart rate!

Am waiting for arrythmia nurses to call back, but thought I'd just run it past all my 'support team' here. I'm trying not to get stressed but you know how it is....

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I’ve had alternating fast then slow HR but stayed in sinus after ablation. If you have managed to record the rate & rhythm it will help your Arrythmia team decide what will help.

Not sure what Med your PIP is?

Overdoing things, Stress & worry is not going help - rest & relaxation will assist recuperation until you can speak with your Arrythmia team.

Hope you feel better soon.

Jajarunner in reply to CDreamer

That's reassuring, thank you x

Since there are not many to answer, I hope that I will be forgiven for developing some theory here. Obviously, you are going along the borderline, crossing it from time to time. It is still better than to jump far over it and to get deep into the field of atrial fibrillation. If worried, take a small dose of beta blocker, so that you get away from the borderline. Despite having been reading this forum for over 8 years, I can not recall the case like yours. Such case, with hitting the borderline, should be rather rare and should not be capable of lasting for long...

Can't take beta blockers they make me feel dreadful :-(

Are you in sinus rhythm or not when this is happening?

Jajarunner in reply to KMRobbo

I would think it is just fast, feels regular and about 100 BPM.Hotter monitor previously showed short bursts of tachycardia, nothing to worry about apparently! They presume this is the same.

I think the pip might have caused the slow heart rate?

I get the same. 4 weeks post ablation and heart rate just rockets to 110 when standing up or even lying down, then will go to 70. it feels all over the place. I do have bisoprolol but try not to use it, and I must admit I wasn't expecting any of this. I am an anxious person generally which isn't helping.

It's unsettling and there is no pattern to it that I can discern. Makes me feel light-headed. Arrythmia nurses said it's borderline tachycardia and to ignore it and not keep checking it. Easier said than done especially if it happens when I'm running!They hope it might settle on its own....

I personally would not worry about 100BPM in NSR (not medically trained) as its just the topside of normal range.

What do you take for PIP?

Yes, arrythmia nurses said its borderline high, but makes me feel cr@p all the same. I took flecainide 100

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