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High resting heart beat


Hi everyone. I had ablation 12 weeks ago and in last couple weeks the odd time I feel nauseous for no reason. Short of breath and generally tired no matter how much I sleep. When sitting yesterday relaxing heart beat bit high and bit chest pain but last nite in bed heart beat was 103. Was off meds but took betablockers as I was scared. Is the. High heart rate normal. Was hoping ablation worked

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Normally after my 4 ablations HR has generally settled between 55 and 74 that's been on 10mg bisoprolol as "cover" and usually some flecanide or Dronedrone too.

What is your "normal" resting HR pre-ablation?

I noticed significantly more right sided chest pain after my flutter ablations but I was also a lot tired for a good few weeks after all of them.

Hi jedimaster 76 resting normally no meds thanks for replying

Hi Craig - sounds like you are quite worried and perhaps you should be talking to your doctor - for reassurance and a check up if nothing else but also perhaps if you are anxious - it could be exacerbating symtoms.

My HR didn’t return to normal for about 9 months, a high HR doesn’t mean your ablation didn’t work - it will be high until your heart heals - it’s just been burned.

I don’t think 103 is particularly high resting rate. How long did it stay fo that? What would be ‘normal’ for you?

Some chest discomfort is also normal in the first week or so but that should have gone by now but may not be anything to don with your heart but worth returning to see you doctor - you should be due your 12 week review so mention it then.

Sleep is good for healing - your body needs rest but what do you mean? How long do you sleep for? I certainly found that after second ablation I was sleeping - or wanting to - for something like 18 hours a day but more specifically I couldn’t keep awake for more than a few hours - there WAS something wrong but it was nothing to do with Heart or ablation. Again - talk to your doctor.

Did your doctor tell you to stop the meds? It is also quite common to stay on the for a few months.

Just remember the recovery time for ablation is often much, much longer than most doctors will have you believe.

Carig in reply to CDreamer

Thanks c dreamer. 9 to 10 hours sleep a day and still tired

CDreamer in reply to Carig

As we all need 8 hours - I don’t think that is excessive - your body is still healing so great you can sleep that much. Body repairs itself during sleep.

Hidden in reply to Carig

Hi Carig. Wrote you a reply and sent it to CDreamer. Check this thread. I make this mistake a lot. irina

Hidden in reply to CDreamer

I agree. Doctors , IMO, tend to judge recovery by more external signs-ready for discharge, incision not looking infected, sutures ready for removal, etc.In reality it takes quite a while even after 'simple'procedures' (what ever they are!) our bodies and symptoms have a lot of internal healing to go through. Just getting energy back can be a long process. And recovering from general anesthesia can involve rebuilding our nutritional health by regaining optimum vit and mineral levels to replace what all the meds and gasses depleted. Even family sometimes expects us to 'get back to our normal routine' too quickly because on the outside we look 'recovered'. Hope you are feeling well soon and treat yourself gently. 🐱 irina (retired OR nurse)

Carig in reply to Hidden

Ah thanks irina. Everyone thinkss I look great and have recovered but as you say its internal. It knocked the stuffing out of me. I hope you have a lovely day. Like winter here in dublin

Sorry about name - spell checker!


Raised resting heart rate is quite normal after ablation typically around 85 - 90 and may take some months to return to pre ablation levels. Mine did. Anxiety will exacerbate this of course so best check with your doctor or EP.

Carig in reply to BobD

Thanks bob just left doc a message

HI Carig

I had a PVI ablation end January for afib, then another end February for flutter.

I am also quite tired so much as I am doing 3 day weeks currently . I had a range of blood Checks with GP to confirm nothing else is wrong, nothing found, so am just awaiting my EP appointment next week

. I suggest you should get your blood checked by GP, I got the results 2 days after the test. Much quicker /easier than EP appointment and the results are there for when I see the EP.

IT ALSO removes some of the worry as the blood check look for inflamation markers which i think could be several things but heart issues are among them, also thyroid, liver, b12 , amemia , kidney.

I am not medicaly trained but assume If there is something wrong it will flag it , but if there us nothing found then good!

Tiredness wise I do 2 days together at work and i can sleep 12 hours plus easily Then I am ok for a day or two. It's a bit bizarre cos I also feel a bit breathless/ tired walking upstairs at work sometimes , but I have walked 8 miles fast, slow 20 mile bike ride , 5k run and I am no more breathless or tired after those.

I am sleeping more at weekend too and doing less

I am still on diltaziam 200mg though so may be this affects me but if so it is worse than before the ablation.

I am not especially worried myself, but would like to get over It and back to normality as I find it frustrating.

Hope this helps

Carig in reply to KMRobbo

Thank you so much. It really helps. Sane sort of stuff going on

Has it literally stuck at 103 no matter when you take a count or has it ever dropped below that rate since the ablation. I got stuck on 104 prior to second ablation and this was corrected during ablation.

Carig in reply to RichMert

No just that night it zoomed from 70 when sitting to 103 when in bed anf felt awful. Grand again

RichMert in reply to Carig

At 3 months you are coming up for your Heart consultant Ablation revue. May be worth speaking to your cardiac nurse in advance for advice

exbcmc in reply to RichMert

Rich, I’m also at 100 plus post ablation. See the ablation doc tomorrow. From what I understand, every other heartbeat is not doing anything.🤔

Good morning, after reading the current posts and 90 days post ablations I fall into a little bit of all of the above. I have had 3 episodes that my heart rate got 'stuck' 135-150 for over an hour. Other than that very small episodes that goes up and comes back down within seconds to minutes. I notice I do need a lot more rest and need a lot more sleep and at times a few naps. I am working through this in outside sales with local traveling which makes it hard to rest. The stress of the SoCal freeways will bring on episodes too. Daily rest and mediation/gentle yoga have been my rescue. I find myself being impatient too wanting this all to be behind me and life back to normal. Thinking positive!!!

exbcmc in reply to emilyboom

Emily, I’m in So Cal, too. Where did you have your procedure?

UCI in Orange, Dr. Mitiku. lite sedation. 6 burns. 5 1/2 hours. I first was at St.Jude, complete sedation with no success. Due to Dr. always canceling my appointments I luckily ended up at UCI. I did hear back from the nurse and she said to come in as a walk-in for a 12 lead EKG when it happens. I told her I work as a Realtor from Seal Beach to Corona/Norco area and that more than likely not going to happen to close by. Next time I guess I will find the closest ER and hope I do not have clients with me. Sorry for the rant. Where did you have your procedure done? How many burns?

emilyboom in reply to emilyboom

I am 60 yo and this came on 2 years ago after a stressful 4 years of family illness and had a reaction to aphaeresis at the blood bank. They should of called the paramedics looking back but I am still here. I also had a sister diagnosed as anxiety and high blood pressure who pass away at 59 suddenly. The EP thinks she was misdiagnosed and had the same issue.

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