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Here in the USA the covid virus keeps surging. So many people just had to fly all over the country for Thanksgiving. I know people long to see their loved ones but they are not considering the consequences. Or maybe they don't care anymore because this has gone on for so long. I don't know what to think. Hospitals here are setting up tents to treat so many cases. Medical personnel is wore out. Some are quitting and looking for other jobs. The professional sports players get tested and tested and tested but no regards as to whether our medical people get tested. So much selfishness. I had my 3rd covid test yesterday. All were Negative. One gal in my neighborhood has had the virus twice. Not bad. She recovered at home both times. I was talking to a young man in the parking lot where we were getting the test and he said the nasal swab comes up negative most of the time but one could still have it in the lungs and be positive. I don't know. Seems very possible.

I wonder from time to time if it really is the end of times. Even with the vaccines there will still be cases. Vaccines are not cures nor do they stop transmission. Yes they will help. One Dr talked about how "brilliant" this virus is because of how it can mutate and not be as strong but still wreak havoc. So how long will the vaccines work. It's like some episode of the old "Twilight Zone" TV show. I expect Rod Serling to appear. Maybe God is just tired of people on this earth and their fighting. The continuous wars. I don't know. Just wanted to say how I feel right now. 😔Thanks.

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Hello Belinda, thank you for sharing your sobering thoughts. From what we hear in the UK, we understand that things are particularly difficult in parts of the USA and no doubt there are a wide variety of different reasons for this, but perhaps now is not the time to speculate on what could have, should have been done differently and why. Like most other European countries, we here in the UK we have experienced many lows but a few highs too. One things for sure, if you had 4 people in a room, the chances are none of them would agree on what could have been done better and how and that’s because we all have different circumstances and probably would find it difficult to see things through the eyes of others. Whilst there are no magic wands, but there has to be hope that the situation will begin to improve as we progress into 2021. It may be hype, but the scientists and medical advisers here are not known for their unwarranted optimism but even they are now beginning to convey an air of hope. However, the future is largely up to us as individuals and families. We don’t need politicians to tell us what to do to avoid the virus and many here know that it’s largely the reckless behaviour of the few that has caused spikes in cases in urban areas. However, the World has been subjected to many plagues and pandemics for centuries and the fact that we are still here suggests that they can and will be overcome.

Whilst most will share your concerns, the fear that I have based on recent experience, some of the responses are likely to generate a variety of views which will be disputed by other responders with different views. Therefore the chances are you are in for an entertaining couple of days which will be a useful diversion but will not do much to help AF patients with their problems.

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One part you are right on is "there will be a variety of views" - and why not?

Then we have........

"but will not do much to help AF patients with their problems"!

Reading many of the questions and responses from those who are concerned as to how sufferers from Afib might be affected imo shoots that down - we are here to help/give support and that will come in many different ways.

Unfortunately you get people (in general) on a "Health forum" of all places, saying this is [not] the place, on that I have to ask; why should members of an Afib forum have to go elsewhere and discuss with total strangers, their concerns as to how it might affect their Afib?

FlapJack in reply to john6

And what’s your message to Belindalore whose feeling a bit down and would probably benefit from some words of encouragement.......

john6 in reply to FlapJack

Quite simply it is a learning curve for all of us and to ask her if she has the same misinformation of stats that we have? People need to understand that whilst there is undoubtedly a problem - we in the UK are not being told the [whole] truth, does she feel similar in the States.

Once you/we can get our head around certain things, you might look at it in a different light - I certainly do as an awful lot does not make any sense.

belindalore in reply to john6

Yes. There is so much we don't understand about this pandemic. Here in the USA we are told one thing and then the next day something else. Hard to figure out what to believe. Same thing in the UK? I find lately that I worry more about contracting covid than I think about Afib. Maybe because it's becoming more of a problem here in the USA. I have to go out to the grocery store once in awhile and I see too many people disregard the store signs that say you must wear a mask. And they are still allowed in so a fight doesn't happen. No one knows if they could be asymptomatic. I believe masks help some. I try to think of others and not just myself. I'm just dumbfounded by it all. I would love nothing more than to be able to just go somewhere on a whim without making sure if I grabbed a mask. I guess it causes more stress and no one who has Afib or any other illness for that matter needs more stress. These last few days watching all the people crowding the airports, and now they are all flying back home, just kind of got to me. Yes I saw the majority with masks but not much distancing. Will it happen again at Xmas. Maybe I'm being too much of a Scrooge. 😔

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We seem to have pretty much the same here.

I feel that it would show a different picture if the stats were broken down ie out of [say] 500 infections in a given area; how many are Asymptomatic? how many are Mild? how many are recuperating at home? how many are there in hospital? last but not least- how many are there in IC? That would narrow the seriousness of it down.

In our area they might give a figure of [say] 500 infections; you then have to ask - how many were contracted in Hospital? how many came from our local schools & universities? how many came from a food factory? Once those are taken out of the [say] 500, it might only be [say] 50 from the local community, who are doing their best to suppress this problem - then the figures do not look as bad as portrayed.

Unfortunately, they lump all the figures together, which makes it look like a City/Town are not taking care.

belindalore in reply to john6

I guess the thing is we don't get the whole picture.

Lizty in reply to john6

John, I feel that your comments have a veiled political slant, and I don't think that is appropriate on this site. The exercise of breaking down statistics would indeed be useful, but collecting the data scientifically is hugely challenging and not actually viable because of the significant range of variables involved. Please take that from a retired researcher who knows a little about statistics. I am totally with Flapjack in his responses. I would also add that as far as I am concerned, the risk of blood clots in the very ill is one reason I am self isolating as much as possible and making sure to take my anticoagulants meticulously.

john6 in reply to Lizty

Lol whatever are you reading/seeing? Please point out where my comments have a "political slant"? The Wales Health Board have no political leanings - my stats and knowledge have come from that source!

1st things 1st. A member came and posted their worries/concerns, we are a health forum so help comes in many different forms. With that whether it is talking about it or giving personal knowledge/help I do not have a problem. You can if you wish take no part, with that I have no problem, however, I do have a problem when a member just like you and I, starts telling me what I can or cannot do/say, censorship does not belong on here.

I get even more annoyed when they ask me what I would do to help that person, to then say after giving a very innocuous answer "I'm going to report you - I'm not communicating with you". That person has no right whatsoever to say what can, or cannot be discussed - health involving Afib was involved that is legit in my book.

The stats breakdown in this computerised age, would be easy enough for an 11 yr old to compile without any additional work involved. It is all written down in the first instance in longhand at a GPs/Hospital, as such I see no problem whatsoever and certainly not challenging, as the information is already there.

FlapJack in reply to Lizty

Skuze me......I’m a bloke.....😉😂😉

Lizty in reply to FlapJack

Sorry Flapjack! 😆

FlapJack in reply to Lizty


paolina in reply to john6

My husband (81) and myself (74) keep thinking the same about the figures here in Italy, and wishing they would stop putting that a woman of 100 has died of Covid (recent news here in Veneto) for goodness sake after a certain age don't we all die of old age. Also that old people are dying on their own in Care Homes, most are being looked after really well by Carers who know them better than their relatives who visit them a few times a year. It would be better if we knew why the young people are dying.

Maggimunro in reply to FlapJack

Well said Flapjack

Tomred in reply to FlapJack

Sometimes I think some people on here seem to forget what this forum is all about????

belindalore in reply to Tomred

Sometimes people just need some kind words. Everything affects us who have Afib. I meant no harm or for anyone to fight. People on this forum have been nothing more than kind and supporting of what anyone is feeling. I so appreciate the kind words. It's easy to get down during this time. I'm only human.

Here something I found as the comment in the Internet.

Patient: "Doctor, when is this pandemic going to end!?"

Doctor: "I have no idea, I am not a politician!"

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Thank you. That joke helps.

Jmc43 in reply to SteelHeart

🤣 Perfect!

Good joke! I just tweeted it.

Sending you a big virtual hug Belinda. We watch the news in horror at what’s happening in the US and other places around the world. I keep a regular eye on the stats on the John Hopkins website-

Our governments here in Australia acted quickly and closed the international and the state borders and brought in strict quarantine requirements for anyone arriving back in the country. I remember looking at the flight radar app a few months ago. You could count on one hand the number of planes above Australia (New Zealand is the same) but the air traffic was still crazy above America, Europe and Asia.

Here’s hoping you and your loved ones stay well and healthy x

belindalore in reply to Kaz747

Thank you Kaz747. It's just so discouraging sometimes. It's killing the economy here as I'm sure it is in your country and everywhere. People have no resources to fall on. It's all so disheartening. May you and yours stay safe and well also. 🙏

Kaz747 in reply to belindalore

Thank you.

Physalis in reply to belindalore

I think it may be killing our economy more than yours.

belindalore in reply to Physalis

It's just terrible.

Kaz747 in reply to Physalis

Our governments reacted quickly with stimulus packages and support. Some people are doing it tough (high unemployment) but other areas are booming, especially home building and home improvements. Because people can’t travel they are spending the money creating paradise at home. Mining vis the biggest economic contributor to our state and that has continued without a hitch. I was made redundant at the start of Covid. I ended up setting up my own business as it’s easier than working for anyone else.

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Hello, I'm in Aussie land, border NSW and Vic, and it's been tough. BUT, I believe we will, ,mainly, get up and going very quickly, I know where we live the town is booked out for months with people wanting to get out and about. I have faith that this isn't going to be as bad as thought. I see a bright light at the end of this. Fingers crossed.

belindalore in reply to Bawdy

Yes. Fingers crossed.😔

I get asked a question and this is what I have got to put up with.........


"Because I do not want your out of context comments to start yet another futile exchange by you to hijack another post from someone who needs help, I will be reporting your post and will ignore any further comments you make either in the forum or in private message. I will also copy this message to admin" - end of quote.

I suggest that as I was asked to comment then my comments were not out of context. I would also suggest that some really should look up what the meaning of hijacking a post really is.

I have no intention of being silenced by petty minded people.

belindalore in reply to john6

Oh please don't fight with each other. I didn't mean for you all to fight. Please. It just seems because people here are so kind that maybe sometimes we can bring up other subjects that may concern us and have a bearing on Afib. I'm sorry if I started a feud. Now I really feel bad.

john6 in reply to belindalore

Do not feel bad, Europe & America did not fight to allow dictatorship and censorship to prevail - quite the opposite actually.

belindalore in reply to john6


FlapJack in reply to belindalore

Don’t worry belindalore, no one is feuding it’s just disappointing when there is continued intent to openly criticise folk who are only trying to help others. If you respond in the open forum it just escalates so for me, the best thing to do is notify the person privately of your intentions then leave it to others to decide what’s best to do.....I certainly won’t be losing any sleep over it and I doubt John will either........

belindalore in reply to FlapJack

I hope neither of you lose sleep. It's not worth it.

john6 in reply to FlapJack

Water off a ducks back to both of us - not a problem.

However, I'm intrigued by your claim of (once again) "Hijacking a post" and also your claim of my " intent to openly criticise folk" - where exactly did I criticise anyone?

P.S. The burden of proof is upon you as an equal member.

Buffafly in reply to belindalore

You did not start a feud, some people could get aggressive over ‘All you need is love’!

I feel all your feelings, so many little things we took for granted no longer possible and cancellations of social arrangements that can’t be postponed, moments with friends and grandchildren lost forever, anger with people who put their personal freedom above care for others, fear for the future. Sometimes I just feel we are vermin on this planet and I get a chill all over.

Not comforting words I know but I wanted you to know I get it too.

But I also believe we are capable of great things and good can come out of this if we raise our eyes to the hills. As my favourite charity says, ‘Let’s not go back to normal’. Normal wasn’t good for so many people, my hope is that enough people are looking up and seeing other people they didn’t see before and realising how interconnected we are 🦋

Tickerprobs in reply to Buffafly

Very well spoken, that person. As you say, “going back to normal”, is just what we don’t want. A high proportion of the world’s population just want to consume and are very selfish, which, I suppose is a natural trait to some degree. People feel that they just want to be able to travel and mix, as they did in the past but isn’t that exactly what has brought this chaos to its present state of affairs. STAY SAFE everyone.

Auriculaire in reply to Buffafly

Great sentiments Buffafly. You are right - normal was not great for many and I fear that the new normal will be worse unless people fight for something better. There is a disturbing transfer of wealth accelerating from the have nots to the have far more than they needs . Jeff Bezos for example has doubled his already enormous fortune during this pandemic. There are also disturbing reports of profiteering by the people who supplied PPE . The people who we have relied upon to keep society going while having to expose themselves to others and risk being infected- medical and care staff, shop assistants, bus and taxi drivers , factory workers etc are often the worst paid . Clapping public servants is all very well. They can't live off fresh air. As a relatively well off pensioner I would be happy to pay more tax so that others can have decent wages.It is sad to have to miss out on visits from friends and family. My daughter was due to come from London this month. I have not seen her since summer last year. After wading through the paperwork to get her husband ( who is not British) a visa lockdown came and the visit was impossible. Luckily they had booked reimbursable tickets. By the time travel is possible the visa will probably have expired!

belindalore in reply to Buffafly

Thank you. It's nice to feel so not alone in how I feel. Whether we have Afib or not we are all still affected by what is going on around us. 😕


Children--- Behave!

FlapJack in reply to BobD

Wasn’t me Dad.....😂

john6 in reply to FlapJack

Oh yessssss (pantomime style) it was😇

belindalore in reply to BobD

Geez. What did I start?!😕 I don't want anyone to fight. 💔

john6 in reply to belindalore

It is hand bags stuff - he is not worried, neither am I - neither should you.

belindalore in reply to john6


I put my Xmas Tree up today!! Nice to do something nice!! We are out of our 2nd lockdown next week and back to Tier 2 in London.

I’m going back to work after my Ablation a month ago.

Good things do happen. They are just smaller good things!

Yay! Good for you😊. You're right it's good to think about other things. Hoping you and your family have a nice Xmas. Stay safe and well.

You too ❤️❤️

Thank you.

Bawdy in reply to LordGabriel

Like that comment, I belong to an arthritis forum and every so often a lady puts up something to talk about away from arthritis. It is so enjoyable and gets more comments and I think this is great. I have enjoyed the robust discussions.

No room for a tree, we are going to get a christmas train. My birthday next week, after that I will think of christmas decs. My husband was diagnosed with A.F. so far he is fine, he is laid back, I am the worrier.

Hi Belinda, I think at the moment with things as they are, we must look after ourselves and try as best we can to keep safe and have a positive outlook. Hopefully, the new vaccines will be our saviours and then, with a bit of luck, life will slowly return to what it was before the virus.

We are in charge of our minds and the way we think, so lets make our thoughts positive ones. To be honest I can't say that my life has changed that much really, other than I'm not visiting other towns, shopping, or eating out as much as I did before. I now talk to friends on the phone instead of meeting up. Two months ago my younger sister moved several hundred miles to be in the same small coastal town as me and as we both enjoy walking, we've had some lovely ones in the quiet of the nearby countryside.

So life is still good for me and I try to dwell on the positives. I truly believe that this virus will soon be beaten and we will look back and talk about it for a long time.

A lot of us can count our blessings not to have suffered with covid? Lets rejoice about that and make sure we stay safe.

My Christmas tree and decs are up too, makes everywhere look so nice and homely.

Sending you a big hug.


Thank you Jean. I try to be positive. I think people in the UK have been more accepting of the lockdown there. Doesn't mean you all like it but are trying to do what's best. But lately here in the USA people are just not doing the same. I think many are so tired of it all they are rebelling. Like children saying-You can't make me do that. It's so disheartening to see some be so inconsiderate of others. Like you say maybe we can get back to some normal life with the vaccines. I will try to be more positive. Thank you for your kindness.

So wonderful your sister was able to move near you. Enjoy your time together. And have a wonderful Xmas!⛄

CDreamer in reply to belindalore

I sent you a PM x

Hi Belinda...I wish you and yours all the very BEST out there in the US but it’s no wonder that you have such rebellion going on there, when you’ve got an unpredictable and indecipherable ‘person’ at the helm. Love from the old country. XX.

Hi Belinda. I can empathise with you and have had many sobering thoughts during this time. I live on my own and retired and most days life can seem normal. Like Jean said it hasn’t affected me much either. I don’t drive but oh how the red mist descends when I have to go food shopping. I get so wound up with people not distancing in shops or wearing masks as a fashion accessory under their chin etc. There have been lots of positives as well. I live in a Yorkshire village and I realise I haven’t missed going into town and don’t need too so why did I? Personal resources I had put on the back burner are being used again. My local community have pulled out even more stops to help each other. I have had time to realise what is important to me and what I can live without which I thought I needed. The list is actually quite long.

I have had a few telephone hospital appointments during this time and have enjoyed them as I haven’t had to go out in the cold, sit about in waiting rooms, can sit on the sofa with a coffee and happily chat to the consultant in my pjs if i wanted. Had a giggle thinking I could be sitting here stark naked and you wouldn’t know but then thought knowing me it would be a video call and not telephone and didn’t realise 😱. Poor consultant would have to prescribe himself tranquillisers then!

One day we will have good vaccines and life will return to as near normal as possible, just like we do with seasonal flu and vaccines these days.

Sending hugs

Frances xxx

CDreamer in reply to Frances123

Lovely post.

Thank you. 😍 Take care. So many kind words from all the people here helps so much.

Goodness quite a thread! Belinda I think you're voicing the fears that many of us have at one time or another and I hope that some of these responses help to cheer you up. It's tough enough having AF. If on top of that one lives alone the pandemic increases that sense of isolation. One of the problems with this virus us that it is an unknown - or it has been - we're finding out more about it as we go along. Jack is right that as individuals we (should) know what to do so avoid catching the virus but the problem is management of social responsibility. And in some countries this has been badly mismanaged. Ours in my opinion is one of them - yours too from what I can see. The whole world economy will be affected by the impact of the virus - same storm - different boats. If you are able to stay home and look after yourself, focus on that, on finding virtual ways to connect with others and setting up a daily and weekly routine so that there is some structure to your life. I only watch the news once a week btw and I don't discuss the pandemic on social media except when interacting with other voice trainers. Even between us there's disagreement so I limit that. Hope this helps a bit.

belindalore in reply to Singwell

Thank you.😔

I think you might, quite reasonably given your country's major problems with Covid-19, have become a little battle worn with it all. I'm managing to remain positive for now.

So far as I understand it, the vaccine will stop transmission and it is as effective as any other vaccine; the Covid virus has not altered sufficiently for the vaccine not to work well. The mink variant in Denmark has been stamped out but even then most of the new vaccines work against that.

Air travel and similar have not been shown to be particularly risky in terms of infection. The real danger comers from close physical contact in indoor areas. Wearing masks and social distancing with fresh air circulation is the key means of preventing transmission to my knowledge.

The coronavirus test is accurate enough for its purpose, I gather (i.e. to give the health authorities an idea of likely future hospital admissions). When the virus migrates into the lungs, which it does, I've been told, then the test might show as negative for the virus but in such a case, there's no need for a test since the clinical signs themselves are obvious, as the individual will have pneumonia.

No - I think we have reasons to be cheerful. Roll on the vaccination programme.


belindalore in reply to Ppiman

I pray that you are right.🙏Thanks for the encouraging words.

Hi Belindalore 😊 not your fault but I groaned when I saw yet another thread about C19 and foresaw yet more bickering . We are here to support each other in our AF experience not to bicker and if there is one thing I am sure about with AF, it is that arguing and bickering leads to stress and that increases cortisol levels which can aggravate our condition.

Our mantra should be 'Stay calm at all times, find some positive thing on which to focus each day and take enjoyment from it ' 😊

With regard to C19 about which much is said, it really is simple, we should keep our distance from other people, avoid breathing the air others breath or touching the surfaces they touch.

If like me you are retired that really isn't difficult. If you have to meet with other people take the necessary precautions.

I live alone and my biggest regret is that I have missed almost a year in the life of of my twin grandsons now aged 3, a lovely age and this is a time I can never replace.

But I am not dwelling on it or the negativity and hand wringing going on around me because we are asked to make a few sacrifices for our own safety and the good of others. At least I am still here , my elderly neighbour is not he died of C19 in March which was a mystery and a warning to all in this tiny village miles from town .

Life still has much we can enjoy every day, books to read, walks to take , things to learn .

With regard to the vaccine, taking it or not is a personal decision, not something to argue about.

I have just been out and planted some new raspberry canes in the raised bed in my small garden . The fruit should be ready to pick next autumn so something to which I can look forward and when hopefully C19 will be playing a much smaller part in all our lives 😊.

belindalore in reply to doodle68

I never meant to cause fighting. But I feel whether one has Afib or not we are all affected by what goes on during this pandemic. It's nice to get support from the people on this forum when something else is bothering us. Whatever bothers us bothers our Afib. Sometimes we may get down and kind words can often be a great help. This time next year I know we all have the same wish. For the virus to be under control. So you may be able to see your grandsons and pick your raspberries. Take care.😔

Finvola in reply to doodle68

Lovely post doodle - you've hit several nails on the head.

I have a little grandson who’s 5, and the only thing he wants in his letter to Santa, is an ‘anything button’, nothing else. He says it will cure all the viruses in the world, and people can do anything they want, and not have to go to work if they don’t want to. I asked where you could buy this, and it’s, apparently, only available from Santa, because his elves make it, and he’s been a good boy, so will get one! So, belindore, your worries are over, help is coming! Just thought that might cheer you up. Take care.

FlapJack in reply to Cha275rL


Buffafly in reply to Cha275rL

🥰 Bless him

Please try not to get so depressed by all this Belindore. We just have to get through it. It will gradually get better. The more people who get the virus due to their propensity to mix will help increase herd immunity. Those of us who maintain sensible distancing measures and forgo seeing friends and family , wear masks etc can try to take some comfort from the thought that we are doing all we can to protect ourselves and loved ones from this disease. We are lucky here in that on the whole French people have a conformist streak and are hypochondriacs so mask discipline is excellent. I have not seen anyone in a shop for months unmasked an even round here where virus circulation is low most people wear masks outside as well - even in places where it is not obligatory.A lot of fear is stirred up by the media who seem to bang on about covid 24/7. We just have to try and keep a sense of balance and say "this too will pass". Sending virtual hugs Madge

Thank you so much.

Your thoughts are shared by many. Thank you.

I tell myself things could be worse . In the UK we are lucky in having an NHS that is not means tested and vaccines are on the way . I believe our government is doing their best . We don’t have food or medicine shortages. My daughter is an intensive care consultant who caught Covid via inadequate PPE although a symptomatic she unwittingly gave it to her 7 year old son who was ill for a week but is fine and I am immensely grateful for that . My other grandson was born two months prematurely last December which was a huge worry I ve hardly seen him and this will be the first Christmas I haven’t seen my son . But I tell myself I am lucky. They are all well and that at the end of the day is the only thing that matters and luckier than many other families . Am turning into Pollyanna because I tell myself every morning I am lucky to have a hot shower clean clothes and a warm house . When I think about those things I feel happier

Thank you. I think the people in the UK are so much better in following the guidelines and show concern for one another. But I see things getting worse in the USA. I try not to listen to the news much. But I did Some this morning and learned that there have been many secret underground parties around the country. I don't understand why. The worse things get here the harder it will be to get a handle on the virus. I've never seen people acting so selfishly. But I try to do what's best and hope for the best. I'm happy your loved ones weathered the virus okay. Your daughter is one of the angels. I hope she is thanked many times over for giving her all. I don't think that thanking the medical personnel is done enough. Let's hope that next Xmas you'll be able to be with all your loved ones. Take care.

You take care too. I hope you stay safe . Most of what you are worrying about is outside your control . You can only take individual responsibility for doing the right thing you cannot control the selfish Covidiots . I hope for their sakes their immune system is stronger than their IQ

Thank you so much. You made me laugh. I needed that. About the Covidiots and their IQ. And seems they are the ones who complain the loudest. ☺

Couldn’t agree with you more. If it was left to these no-brainers, mankind will be wiped out. In fact humanity could be taken to the edge by indifference rather than the virus itself‼️‼️

I advise people to have a look at Dr. John Campbell's YouTube channel. He usually posts a video each day and covers COVID-19 issues, statistics, treatments, vaccines etc. He is based in the UK (Carlisle) but also covers other places worldwide, particularly North America and Europe. I have learned a lot about this pandemic by looking at his videos. He is well informed and always provides links to his data/information sources.

I love watching his talks on YouTube too.

Distressing to hear that life is such a shambles in your country, and in the UK. I live in the Isle of Man, an independent country with our own Government, in the middle of the Irish Sea, between Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

We had a few early care home deaths and then we did what any sensible Governments did. We set up a PROPER testing regime, with tracking and isolation. We also have fairly strict border controls.

The result is that after a couple of months in full lockdown, we have been Covid free in the community since June, and apart from our border controls we all live our lives TOTALLY NORMALLY. Breaches of isolation rules can result in a few weeks in Prison, which the public generally support.

We don't need masks, social distancing, everything is open, sport is as normal. It can be done IF your governments take it seriously and put in TESTING, TRACING and ISOLATION procedures. It is actually easy to do - but the political will, and leadership seems to be absent I the USA and the UK

belindalore in reply to Duddles

It's not just the will of the government here. Of course we have the federal government and then each state and local governments. And not all want to be on the same page. Then you have the will of the people who are also not all on the same page. Some gladly follow the guidelines and then others rebel against them and do as they please. If everyone would have just followed by the guidelines in the beginning maybe we could have what you have. But the USA is a big country. Too political and the pandemic became too political. Democrats against Republicans. It's just ridiculous and it's utter chaos. Look at all the riots that happen here. Most people don't expect much change once Biden takes over. I've never seen such a mess in my 68 years. Kudos to you and your country for being caring and diligent to get rid of the virus. I'm waiting to see how many more cases will come about from the Thanksgiving holiday and after Xmas. It's said airplane travel is safe. I don't believe that for one minute. The sad thing is people here are just selfish. I'm disgusted and saddened at the same time by how my country is handling this pandemic. So much hatred between our two political parties is much to blame. Sometimes I think if I was rich, I would move to a place like you live. That's how disgusted I am with my own country right now.😪 Might you have room for one more on your island? 😌 Just kidding. Even if I could I'd never get on an airplane to go somewhere else now anyway. I'm so happy for you. So many long for a normal life again and your country accomplished that. Take care. If you celebrate Xmas, have a wonderful joyous holiday season. 🎅

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