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NEW programme from AF Association - Atrial Fibrillation and You


The AF Association have been working very hard to produce a new programme called 'Atrial Fibrillation and You', which is now live!

The programme goes through several different sections of information including treatment options for AF, living with AF, anticoagulation therapy and many more.

This programme is free to enroll in and can be accessed as many times as you like once you have enrolled.

The programme can be accessed here:


6 Replies

A great read, very helpful. Thank you

I am so glad you have found this helpful!

Just to let you know that I found this very helpful and informative- has helped to reduce my anxiety over some post ablation symptoms I am having- thank you

Charleneadmin in reply to Ochg

This is such great news, thank you very much for letting us know that the programme has helped you. Please do also remember we are here for any support you need!

It's a useful, straight-forward guide to AF and the treatments. Very good for non-experts (and family members who may be concerned).

It is excellent to know that this is a helpful guide for you, we are so pleased and hope that it can be used by all to understand AF in simple terms!

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