Just wondered if anyone could "shed any light" into this question please. I have many episodes of AF and now and then Atrial Fluttering - today I read in the Heart Magazine that:- Ventricular fibrillation (VF) - A life-threatening heart rhythm that starts in the ventricles. This causes the heart to quiver or "fibrillate" in a disordered way and the heart stoops pumping blood around the body. Just concerned when my heart acts this way when in AF or A Flutterings.

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  • Hi there, I was just about to post a question in relation to AF and Flutter myself.....not sure if it's what you're thinking with VF but I suffer after every meal I eat or if I am very hungry, I think it's all to do with the vagus nerve but I just wanted to ask if anyone else gets the same after eating, it seems to be every time I eat.

  • Kimmieblue - the mechanics of eating along with anxiety about the whole condition have always been my biggest triggers. I looked into the vagus nerve focusing on Vagal tone and Impingement - I have tried very hard to increase Vagal tone and reduce the mechanics of eating ie eating smaller less bulky meals eating slowly and chewing more - avoiding bending over or sitting bent over after food - also working hard on reducing my anxiety levels with the help of relaxation and Hypnotherapy. I'm a lot better but still a way to go - so I advise research into the Vagus nerve there's lots of help and advice out there.

  • Kimmieblue - I also meant to say that the cardiologist told me to stop taking Aspirin on 1st August last year as it was ' useless' in AF in his words and within 3 days my oesophagus ' gullet' on swallowing became much much easier and has continued to improve so I may have been doing myself a big disservice for some time taking the aspirin?! Cathy

  • Hi Cathy and thanks for your reply, I have anxiety too so I'll start researching the vagus nerve and this whole damned AF /flutter etc, I'm so fed up with it, I know I need to calm myself though so I also need to catch up on my relaxation techniques.

    I'm so tired, tried going to the gym this morning, not that I can do much but I've got to try I suppose.

    I wish you well and hope you have a good day.

    Best regards


  • I so know how you feel - very difficult to ignore it isn't it - as many will tell on here try not to let it govern your life easier said than done - I've a long way to go myself but researching and trying to remain proactive has helped - relieving the anxiety is paramount. Look into 'Solution Focused Hypnotherpy' in your area it's helping me so much - I'm also hoping to join a Mindfulness course at the end of January. Good luck - Cathy

  • Thanks Kimmieblue - will start monitoring after eating.

  • Hi Sabre16..i also have atrial arrythmias like you. Our problems are in the upper chambers of the heart, NOT the lower chambers where the ventricles are. AF and atrial flutter will NOT make the heart stop beating so try not to worry. Why don't you make an appointment with your GP or talk over your concerns with a cardiologist to get reassurance from a medical point of view. Best wishes:)

  • Thanks Vony, just spoke to Heart Matters Helpline who explained the same as you. Will speak to Doctor though on next visit.


    I have multi health problems one of which is AF. I had a episode in 2002 that meant my heart was making my blood vortex in my heart which in turn stopped enough O2 feeding the muscle. I had a Heart attack as a result! I was driving and unaware it was even out of sink bar a slight indigestion feeling before. When they admitted me to hospital I was 168 BPM average. I was told that this was very rare and I had not done any permanent damage. I have not had another since (Touch Wood)

    Be well

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