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Post SVT ablation and weight training

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Hi all, I’m almost a month post SVT ablation and was wondering when I should get back into weight training again. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks again!

13 Replies
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Hi Dogluvr, I know you are young but your posts since your recent ablation seem to focus on the two areas which are known to the cause of AF for many, namely alcohol and extreme exercise. I don’t want to be a kill joy, but it would be wrong if we do not do everything possible to make you aware that you would be better off not drinking or engaging in extreme exercise for several months. This will give your heart the chance to fully recover from its recent ordeal and for the ablation the opportunity to succeed and provide you with a better chance of leading a normal life for someone of your age, ie 21. We know that Doctors will often say that it is OK to return normal lifestyle activities after a month or so, but the problem is what defines “normal life style activities”. I suggest you google Dr John Mandrola who is an American electrophysiologist who has AF and is a keen cyclist and sports enthusiast. Read his advice and comments and maybe read his book, The Haywire Heart. If nothing else, read the headings “Home”, “About” and “AFIB” on his webpage, link below.....

Best of luck.......

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Dogluvr95 in reply to FlapJack

Thank you so much flapjack! Honestly that is where most of my confusion is coming from - my surgeon said that I would be back to good within 1 to 2 weeks and that is obviously not the case which is why I have so many questions as to when I can return back to my normal life. I wasn’t planning on going back to exercise for at least a few months (Even though my surgeon said I would be fine to after 2 weeks which is crazy to me), I was genuinely just curious as to when other people did. But again, thank you! I agree with everything you said.

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FlapJack in reply to Dogluvr95

For us old foggies we normally suggest that you should be able to maintain a conversation whilst exercising and that you listen to your body.......trouble is us men are not too good at multitasking either....😉

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Dogluvr95 in reply to FlapJack

I also wanted to let you know that I don’t have AFIB, just SVT.

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Hi, I was 38 when I had my ablation, prior to my operation I was strong and fit, training several times a week.

Like you I was keen to get back to it ASAP. Looking back through my recovery I did it way too soon.

If you want an honest opinion I’d give it 6 months before considering it any kind of serious training. You’re heart has been through some serious trauma and needs to heal.

Others may disagree with me and we are all built differently, it’s your call. Best of luck with your recovery 👍

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Dogluvr95 in reply to thumpthump

Thank you so much for your reply. I honestly think that that’s the smartest thing to do, I’d much rather sit on the side of caution than mess up any of the healing progress.

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Hi Dogluvr, I am in the same timeline as you. Had my SVT ablation around a month ago but I am still struggling to get back to normal. My ablation is not successful and it’s a different story altogether. I am 35 year old who used to play badminton ( so hard to say used to !!) . I am feeling lot of tiredness, fatigue and lots of flip flops in my heart. I have a follow up appointment with my EP on 25th but I hope things get better with time.

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Dogluvr95 in reply to Sunshine_Healer

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about that. I really hope everything settles out with time.

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Hi, I started doing weights after four weeks, but lighter than usual (2 sets of 12 reps). It didn't do much, I didn't even ache the next day but it made me feel, psychologically, like i was doing something. I've also done pilates style core exercises since three weeks after, plus stretching and yoga. I had no ill effects except I was getting too tired as I was trying to up my walking at the same time!

So I stopped the weights for another three weeks and then went back to 1 x 12 reps for another few weeks before increasing back to 2 sets in week 11. I'm back to almost usual weights too, but I'm only doing it for toning not extreme strength or anything. I wouldn't do any extreme lifting for at least three months.

On the cardio side I stopped walking for exercise at week 7 and didn't start building it up until week 11. Again this was due to extreme fatigue which set me back about 10 days.

I'm now 12 weeks after ablation and I am walking alternate days and for the last 4 weeks cycling an electric bike on the other days. I still get very fatigued if I do too much though.

I know how frustrating it is, I was due to run a marathon last year, work in a gym and as an group exercise instructor (ironically with a speciality in cardiac rehab!) and usually cycle and hike loads. Unfortunately, you cannot rush these things.

Its good advice to read Dr John as suggested above, he's very realistic re exercise. The cardiologists are far too optimistic. They told me I could run after FORTY EIGHT HOURS! But luckily I never believed it. My plan was to run after three month, but now it is to run after five months. Better to be fully recovered first.

Feel free to message me if you want any other info.

Good luck x


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Dogluvr95 in reply to Jajarunner

Thank you so much for your informative reply, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. My doctor told me I could start back to my old ways by 1 week!!! Which is so crazy to me because I was having the most severe palpitations after one week so I couldn’t imagine trying to exercise. I’ve honestly been so nervous to even do anything, and exercise has been such a form of therapy for me so my mental health is really struggling, but your response gives me hope. Im going to start out very easy, with some Pilates moves like you said. Thank you so much again.

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I started some light stretching a month after my ablation. I was doing light elliptical and recumbent bike after 2 months (lowest tension and incline for 10 minutes max). I did start back with light weights after two months as well. Go slow. You don't want to risk any progress you have already made.

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Dogluvr95 in reply to Madscientist16

Thank you so much!! Will do 😊

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Hi just a question I’m waiting an ablation for svt. Could you tell me what rate your heart would get. Mine gets 220 for at least 1 hour 45 mins hospital visit sent home with flutters for a few days. Are yours the same

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