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Not in 24/7 Afib anymore


I have been in constant afib for just over a year following my massive pulmonary embolism - caused by the afib most likely. I've been on blood thinner and beta blocker every since. One failed cardioversion. However, this morning I've woken up and actually feel well, really well, when I usually feel pretty rough day in day out. Checked on bp monitor and no afib. Wow. Nothing has changed in anything I've done recently, I'm still the same fat old bird I was yesterday, but I'm delighted to know that it is possible for my version of afib to convert back to nsr on it's own, which I never thought it would. I realise afib is a heck of a roller coaster ride and that I'm not "cured" overnight, but still so good to know that my poor battered heart can convert!

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That's wonderful news!!! You must be absolutely delighted!

This has happened to me a few times. I'd often be in AF all through the colder months (about 6). Then once summer came, would revert to normal sinus. It hasn't happened this year, as yet, but I'm full of hope. I've wondered if it's because I'm more active in the summer, mowing the lawns and weeding etc.. Could that be the same with you?


No, doesn't seem to be the case with me. I'm usually too knackered to achieve much activity. Just walking around a supermarket or doing housework left me exhausted and sweating. I do push myself through it all, but as I said nothing at all changed to make heart convert. Just pleased it did, and can do .

What great news for you. Shows your heart can convert which is wonderful.

As you say afib is a rollarcoaster - hopefully you'll be afib free for a while but we all know it will return at some point. Even if it does I would still be chuffed to bit's knowing it can (and has) converted back on it's own.

Nice one.


Catlady56 in reply to Paulbounce

Yes indeed. I have no illusions, afib will be hiding just around the corner, but going from 24/7 for an entire year thinking this is how it's always going to be - get on with it - to, hey it can convert is very encouraging to me.

That’s great, it’s awful being in constant AF isn’t it? Long may your NSR continue ❤️

It is awful being in constant afib. I had forgotten what "normal" feels like. Any time in nsr is a good time :)

Maybe your lung has recovered? Any kind of lung problem tends to set me off. Great news, hope it lasts ❣️

Catlady56 in reply to Buffafly

Heart went back into afib when I went to bed and was reading. This morning it's in nsr again. I am more in tune with it's various peculiarities day by day! Lungs I think are ok. No one has checked since hospital discharge year ago. Cardiac clinic picked me up six months after the PE and I asked why pulmonary clinic hadn't followed up, and was told the pulmonary consultant expected me to die after I went home, but she would tell him I was still alive!!!

Great news ! Who knows why with this mongrel condition . Just make the best of it and hope you remain in NSR.

vitamin d levels?

Catlady56 in reply to Ianc2

I take vit D supplement every day and Magnesium Taurate. Have taken both for many months, along with prescribed meds, and didn't think they were doing anything, but maybe they are?

Wow ! Brilliant news!

I wake up every morning wondering if, after two years constant af, the same might have happened.

It's good to know it can!

localad in reply to localad

Catlady56......may I ask what beta blocker you are on ?

Catlady56 in reply to localad

I am on Bisoprolol. 2.5mg in morning and 2.5mg in evening. I know a lot of people don't get on with it, but I don't have any problem with it

Catlady56 in reply to localad

Yes it is encouraging. If I knew why it would be a help, but I will take what I get. Heart went back into afib when I went to bed and was reading, but I didn't panic just went to sleep. This morning, again, it's gone into nsr.

I take a vitamin D supplement every day

Bravemouth in reply to Catlady56

Good news on NSR. That’s brilliant. How much vitamin D do you take a day?

Catlady56 in reply to Bravemouth

I take Vit D soft gel capsule every day - 5,000iu and Magnesium Taurate tablet - 500mg. Saw cardiac consultant on YouTube recommend the Magnesium Taurate, and I live in not very sunny Wales, so hence the Vit D

Oh that is so encouraging for everyone to read your blast this morning —So delighted for you — Get out the balloons ,That’s worth a BIG celebration.3138RedRoseX

Keep taking the anticogs Cat Lady. Sounds like you are coming through on the other side. Good work.

Catlady56 in reply to lizardo

Yes, I will be a lifer on Xarelto, but no big deal - helps keeps stroke away!

Joy to you Catlady!

I know how grim it feels when in AF, no energy and that fluttery uncomfortable feeling in your chest, I hope it's a permanent reversion to sinus rhythm for you, stories like yours give us all hope!

Good luck!

Catlady56 in reply to tunybgur

Yes Afib is a difficult condition to deal with and I thought it was going to remain 24/7 forever. Heart has been jumping in and out of afib throughout the day today, but I still remain cheered as it is converting to nsr without intervention, and it's never done that before. I can't see any obvious triggers for any of it, but I'm happy to let it "do it's thing" and sort itself out! Any relief from the fish dancing the tango in my chest is very welcome.

tunybgur in reply to Catlady56

Ha! Let's hope the Tango permanently reverts to a gentle Waltz

Catlady56 in reply to tunybgur

Yes indeed :)

Marvelous news. Let us know when you finally do get the EP's sense of this, what he thinks. Know they're as rare as gold dust just now with all the attention on Covid ❣️

Not holding my breath for that as never had EP, only Cardiologist. I live in rural west Wales, UK and am under a small hospital - but with very good Cardiology department. See cardiac specialist nurse there following initial follow up with consultant.

Ah yes sorry everywhere is different. Not seen mine either cos of Covid. But he did successfully ablate mine after 7months of persistent AF n me thinking it would never stop. Your story does sound amazing. Still in NSR!

What a remarkable positive story. Have you had any ablations?

Catlady56 in reply to cuore

No I haven't. I have been offered one but I don't like the idea of having bits of my heart burned out - just in case it's the wrong bit!, plus I have the overwhelming feeling it would be a mistake - for me - and I'm trying to listen to the body a bit more and not just ignoring everything like I've done previously. I had one cardioversion, which took three attempts before conversion happened, and it failed after three days and very scary palpitations.

You are an anomaly to return to sinus rhythm after being one year in persistent, and especially since you have had only one cardioversion that took three attempts and lasted only three days. Do keep us informed about your progress because you are more than an inspiration.

Catlady56 in reply to cuore

It was a surprise to me too. Stayed in nsr for around fifteen hours. Back to afib that night. Nsr next morning and in and out all day, but still felt better than usual. Afib night time again, but not usual night time level, and no "big pee" during night, and no "big pees" during day either. This morning Nsr to start of with, so will see what the day brings. Various "twinges" going on in heart ever since nsr first happened, but nothing painful, just different. I observe with great interest as my heart has clearly not read any of the rule books and is set on doing it's own thing, in it's own good time it seems!

Hope your NSR stays around, for a long time. Fantastic news.

Catlady56 in reply to Ed1532

That would be nice, but in full on afib again - at the moment! Who knows where the wild journey will take me

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