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Atrial flutter Not Afib

In 2010 i was told that I had Afib after catching it on a cardiocall machine (think that is what it is called).

Since then had a dozen or so EGC's and never been caught even though my heart was racing.

At the time i was subscribed 2 x 100mg of Flecainide. After some years due to not having many episodes I rightfully or wrongfully reduced it myself to 1 tablet a day.

I still didn't have many episodes and cycled like mad without any real problems.

Today i went to see a Cardiologist at Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton just because I had been having a few flutters and not seen anyone for sometime.

He looked at the original reading that said i have Afib and said it was Atrial Flutter and if i wanted to do come off Flecainide i could as this type of medication wasn't really for Flutter.

I am more than happy to stop taking meds as hated it.

The thing is i done a lot of reading on Afib but really don't know much about Flutter..Any ideas?

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If you saw an EP they would be able to diagnose the difference between AF & AFl.

AF = an irregular, irregularity - so your pulse feels very irregular. Easy to see on an ECG as there is no P wave.

AFl = a regular, irregularity so your pulse can feel quite regular but your heart can beat fast but on an ECG it looks like a saw tooth pattern.

You may find this site helpful:-


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They are often linked and people have both at varying times. Flutter is much easier to ablate - can be a faster rate than AF- not always!!

Hope you stay well


Great news that you have been told no more Flecainide. I would always wean yourself off slowly.


I think that's good advice and will do


Thanks for the replies.

My pulse has only ever been fast and regular.

I saw an EP at Bristol some years ago who put me on meds.

I am going to reduce the tablets and see how things go.

Was told if i had any concerns i can go back to see him.


Just being nosy, who did you see? The cardiologists at Musgrove seem to be very clued up about arrhythmias although not EPs.


I saw Dr Richard Kilbey. I thought he was very good. We did spend a lot of the time talking about New Zealand as it seems we both lived in the same area at the same time. Small world.


When I first had problems it was Flutter and I had Ablation for flutter. During that ablation I got AFib. There is a good description of the differences here. I am only adding for me there were no differences in my symptoms. Coming off meds you don't need is a good thing.


EP doctor should be able to ablate your flutter line. Flutter is worse than Afib. Go see an EP for an opinion.


Thanks for your reoly. Can i ask why a flutter is worse than Afib. Thanks


I think it's because of the extremely fast heart rate caused by flutter.



Interesting question. I have persistent AFlutter but it feels like NSR 60 bpm at the wrist because I have AFL with 5:1 block.

Do you have Kardia and Apple Watch?


Hi my resting pulse is around 65. Its same at my wrist and also on the Kardia and my Wahoo cycle HR chest strap



I have Kardia but am looking at Apple Watch. Have you considered it? Could be good good for picking up bradycardia and pauses, whether natural or drug related.


To be honest never knew an Apple watch was for that.

I went for a bike ride yesterday and heart rate was around 170 but pushing at times. I checked other members heart rates and most were the same. Pulse was back to normal after i had finished. Only taking half of a 100mg tablet but tomorrow stopping completely.


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