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I Did a Really Silly Thing!


Two days ago I drove to a nearby supermarket to get my weekly shop, so my hands had been on the shopping trolley, everything I'd bought and also on the card payment machine. As I came away from paying I became aware of having a hair in my mouth. What did I do? Without thinking put my fingers in my mouth and took it out! I'm so cross with myself, don't want sympathy but to warn others to think before acting on impulse. I could easily have taken a clean tissue out and removed the hair with that

What annoys me is I'd been wearing latex gloves on previous visits, but after reading they weren't a good idea and hand-washing was enough, had stopped. I also guess that if I'd been wearing a mask the hair wouldn't have been able to get in my mouth.

Just watching for the Covid19 symptoms now and a little anxious. What an idiot I am!


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I am sure most of us have crossed the line in the last six weeks Jean even though we have tried to stick to the rules. Fingers crossed that all will turn out to be okay but please don’t waste these wonderful summer days worrying. What will be will be! Please accept a virtual hug .😌

Thank you Phyllis, fortunately I'm not really a worrier, but do have a vivid imagination!

Is there a difference as I also have a vivid imagination and was concerned when a neighbour kept on getting so close to me I could taste as well as smell his exotic lunch.

Why is there a problem with latex gloves ? We have been wearing Marigolds for at least the last six weeks. My wife wears a pair of ordinary gloves under them as she does not like the cold rubbery feel.

I don't think there is a problem with wearing latex gloves, but just kept reading that they were no better protection than washing your hands. I will revert to wearing them again when I go to the supermarket from now on. I'm going to be doing what I think is right.

We wear our Marigolds and immediately was them on our hands when getting home and then wash our hands. Though we just go out to exercise and have not been in a shop or handled money this all started.

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If you wear gloves and touch your face it’s just the same as not wearing gloves and touching your face, this is why you are advised not to wear gloves as you forget! I worked in operating theatres for over 30 years and still see trained staff contaminate themselves so don’t feel bad!

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I could have taken a glove off before taking the hair from my mouth though. It's one of those things you have to act on immediately.

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Hi Jean,

Do not worry, Corona virus needs to get in the lungs. Once in the gut, cannot do a thing.

A sip of water would have been the best medicine

J (-:

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Unfortu ately trachea and oesophagus both lead from mouth to lungs and stomach. This not to worry you jeanjeannie50 just a fact and why it is a good idea not to touch face

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Sure it does. Given the scenario, a virus (if any) would be unlikely to remain airborne.

Our Jean will be fine (-:

Oh please let me be ok. Doesn't this virus make you aware of the wonderful freedom we had before it struck.

Haven't felt too bright today, but then I've had a heavy nose bleed and I'm hoping thats the cause.

That's good to hear. Thank you.

jeanjeannie50 Picking up the virus from surfaces is a very unlikely risk . I think our minds can play tricks after something like this. I was convinced I could feel two crowns movinf the other night but it was me getting in a frazzle . In the very unlikely event you did pick it up in the way you describe, it would be a very low viral load so unlikely to affect you badly.

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What is the source of that information as have not read it ?

A good reminder to us all Jean. Fingers crossed, all will be well......

Thank you FJ. I'm just so cross with myself as I'm so careful!

I get it you were cross with yourself but others keep saying fingers crossed. I'm forever scratching my beard having forgotten the most important hand scrub after shopping.

Easy done. Touchie subject. You'll be grand. 🙄

Thank you, really hope you're right.

It’s so easily done as we are almost programmed to touch and rub our faces, adjust glasses and push back hair. I have read that getting the virus in the mouth may not result in infection as it has to either be breathed in or enter through the eyes.

Fingers crossed for you - hopefully you will be OK.

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Oh my goodness, through the eyes? I’ve somehow missed that bit of info! We’re very very careful as beloved is 84 on Friday...... I’m going to have to go shopping like the caped

crusader !

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Rubbing the eye is a very common action which can transmit the virus to the eye and the tear ducts. I haven’t shopped since early March but I agree with your outfit!!

I did that for the first time a couple of days ago! Wrapped up like lawrence of Arabia plus!I looked really stupid! Plus gloves on a hot day!

Ooh there's hope for me then Finvola, thank you for that bit of news.

Poor you, what a worry, but please try not to worry too much......We need your wise words of wisdom here! Stay safe, stay well, breathe in glorious Springtime 🙏💗💗🙏

Thank you Alessa. Yes, I think I need to get out in the fresh air today. Will go in search of bluebells as a form of natural healing.

There’s something magical about bluebells, we are blessed with woods around us . Breathe in the magic ,it’s good for the soul

Yes, I call it soul food.

Oh try not to worry. Chances are you will be fine. We ladies with our longer hair do this all the time. That is why I seem to be always touching my face. If you had been wearing gloves the same germs would have been on them. Until washed. Just like our hands. I always take anti bac wipes and thoroughly wipe the trolley handles and anywhere else I touch including self scanners. As I am a big face toucher. I have started to wear a mask now but again my hair gets trapped in it. I am going to start confining my hair better when going out. Keep us posted how you are.

Thank you Icenae. Hopefully I would have taken the glove off before removing the hair!!

So easily done. ❤🤞

Yes, that's why I thought I should warn others.

Timely warning. I guess the thing about gloves is you are less likely to touch your face with them on. But when to take them off requires thought. After paying with your card? Before? In the car? When you get home? Wash all you touched with the gloves on? It's doing my head in! But I do wear a mask in shops now. Home made ones.

Take care.

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Check my last post if you haven't seen it. Lots of good straightforward advice. On shopping (this isn't me writing btw!)

'I recommend wearing gloves (and a mask) when you go to a store. Put them on when leaving your car, feel free to open doors, touch things, move things, with abandon, however, never touch your face when you are wearing gloves. Use them when paying, and when typing your pin or signing for your purchase. When you leave the store remove them and if they are disposable, throw them away. When you get to your car, open the door, clean your hands with your sanitizer or wipes, and go back to your safe zone (car).


The best way to stop touching your face is to have a glass of wine in each hand.

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Ah Bob, that's a good thing to remember when I'm at home

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😂😂 Aaaah, if only . . .

Thanks for the warning Jean. Such an easy thing to do, I’m always brushing hair out of my face. But with all the hygiene awareness in supermarkets and with shoppers now, I’d say the chances of there being anything on that finger are very small. Won’t stop you feeling anxious though 💐💕

Thanks for your re-assuring words Hilly.

It’s awful isn’t it! Like you I have a vivid imagination and every time I have a little slip I’m heading for an ambulance! Fingers crossed all will be well and you can relax again x

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Thank you Hylda, I have so many 'what ifs' going around in my head. Have always had a strong feeling that I wouldn't get the virus, not so sure now and will be glad when 14 days have passed. x

2-14 days, but I’ve read that the average is 5.2 days. I think you’ll find that the more you get past 5 days the more relaxed you’ll feel ... I went through that concern after being hugged by family at my mother’s funeral at the beginning of March ... sister-in-law who’s a nurse had a cough, cousin who’d traveled from Germany told me they had a lot of cases there (after she’d hugged me!) ... you should’ve seen my face 😧

Your 'should have seen my face' made me laugh, because I have that kind of face that shows what I'm thinking too. My niece came over from Texas with my sister a few years ago and we all went out to eat. She started telling us how she'd bought some red boots to match her red pants. I thought well if she wants to share that so be it, seeing my face my sister hurriedly told me pants are trousers over there. Then she started talking about her fanny bag (bum bag to us). I had to tell her, don't use that word in here people will think you're not nice. 😂😂🤣

Lol 😂😂😂

"I'm just so cross with myself as I'm so careful!".

It is a minefield trying [not to do] what comes naturally, as such you are generally being careful and you really cannot do much more than that. It has gotten us so paranoid that even opening the mail and disinfecting the shopping poses criss crossing problems. As others have said we have all crossed the line of a fashion - you will be alright.

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Yes, I somehow think I will be alright, but to actually put your fingers in your mouth after being in a supermarket - it's unbelievably stupid! Each morning since I've been thinking I may have a sore throat coming. I'm going to take my temperature each morning and then if normal push it from my mind.

We have all probably inadvertently done it without knowing. Especially before the lock down. You’re not an idiot.

Best wishes Ally 🤗

Thank you for your kind reply Ally. I have to disagree with you though, for that moment I was an idiot! x

I think my husband had the virus middle of March very high temperature and cough but no test available I spent two weeks convinced I would get it and it has made me very anxious every cough or sneeze put me in to a state of panic my son told me to stop catastrophizing and then starting telling me the stats 80% of people get a mild dose I know he was trying to make me feel better and it did but I still couldn't go outside and then I posted on here and you and others came back with your kind words and good advice and I did go out with hubby in the car but still not be out for that walk but I will get there, don't let it stop you going out and enjoying the sun I am sure all will be well this to shall pass

Thank you, yes part of me thinks I'll be alright too. I wouldn't mind having a mild dose of the virus if it gave me immunity for ever.

I'm glad to hear you've been out, did it make you feel easier about the virus?

There's always the chance of course that you've had it without showing symptoms, so are now immune.

Hope your ok I didn't feel to well but as the testing wasn't up and running no way of knowing there must be thousands who have had it who are asymptomatic at least if your in England and over 65 you can get tested now nothing in Wales yet I hope the next few weeks will fly by I am sure you will be ok

I've felt quite normal today, so think I may have got away with acting without thinking last Saturday. I also take vitamin D3 liquid and vitamin C and have had no coughs or colds for over 2 years. I've also read that those two vitamins can help protect against the coronavirus.

I wonder why the rules in Wales are different re getting tested? I thought we were all one country now.

Thank you for your kind concern.

Good to hear your feeling better I take D3 Zinc Probiotics apparently good gut bacteria are essential for a healthy immune system your gut wall houses 70 per cent of the cells that make up your immune system Yes we are told that we are all one but its something to do with the devolution in 2011 enables the Welsh government different powers in different areas

So difficult isn't it? We are battling with deliveries. We have had 4 now and waiting for the fifth. Have had Tesco, Asda and now Iceland. You can guarantee the thing we desperately need is the one that is out of stock or you get a substitution you don't particulalry want. For instance yesterday we had our Tesco delivery for ordinary groceries and up until quarter to mid night on Saturday they had the frozen fish we wanted on offer so ordered it and ordered something different from Iceland - Result Tesco no longer had the fish by the time of delivery so we are getting double of what we ordered from Iceland as too late to change iceland delivery -will never have to buy that again this year though and hope my brother can come and visit because he really likes it. Shopping would be so much easier. Also the state of the veg and fruit we have got is questionable sometimes - very dry oranges, unripe kiwi even though they are supposedly "ready to eat". Decided we are going to use our exercise hour to walk to our farm shop now and again and buy good quality fruit and veg. If we get there around 08.30am there's no one there and we meet about 3 people on the way so can easily cross the road to avoid them. Not ideal but have to make the best of things. Speaking of which we are going to have a street party for VE day in our street Friday lunch time. All sitting at the end of our drive with our picnic tables with some bubbly (non-alcoholic in our case) We will enjoy that so long as the forecast remains fair.

We're doing the same in our road and I've been arranging that this morning. Have a good time.

Don't worry. You can't get Covid by eating or swallowing.

Thank you, I hope you're right.

Jean, all I can suggest is that you shave your head to prevent this happening again lol. I shall expect picture proof! I won’t charge for the advice I’m here all week 😂

Ha, ha, you're too kind, very funny. 😁

That made me laugh.

I am 70, but my heart failure, asthma and AF are more - or - less in remission, and I have Intermittent Fasted for two years and lost five stone - so I hope I have a good immune system.

I had mild symptoms week ago - and I like to kid myself I might be immune.

Now that the NHS is coping, we have the option of shielding for own safety.

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Fingers crossed you are immune now.

I’m sure you are fine Jean. Let us know how you are getting on.

Thank you Maria. I've taken my temperature this morning and it's normal.

Good to hear.

jeanjeannie50, have a look at my last post if you haven't seen it. Lots of good straightforward advice. Your account made me laugh; apparently we touch our faces about 2000 times a day!

Will do. Thank you.

Take care Jean, seemingly women are less likely suffer Covid than men! Seee! I told you that man flu was real, and Covid is following it's pattern the female species get all the breaks , the only drawback I see is men don't have their mouths open as much 😉, joking obviously, try not to stress chances are very remote and your a tough one x

Thank you Ian.

I think the answer to your post is 'many a true word spoken in jest'. 😉

Try not to worry too much Jean, I’ve been to the shops and when I get home I always think I shouldn’t have done that. I also gave my granddaughter a cuddly when she came to my door. Definitely a no no. X

Hi Val

I'm feeling better today, thank goodness. I'd almost talked myself into having the virus, but I've had two really bad nose bleeds recently and think they may have made me feel drained. Hope you are keeping well? I'm still in constant AF, but have given up worrying about it.

As soon as this virus nonsense is over we must meet for a chat.


What is causing the nose bleeds Jean ? I’m not too bad thanks, but had a cough for about 6 weeks now, mainly at night which keeps me awake. As for af, I do have a few bouts of it now and then. Had one the other morning so took a diazepam and it went within 30 mins. As you say it’s not worth worrying about, nothing else Doc Hayward can do for us two. Yes as soon as we’re allowed to socialise we meet up for a natter, put the world to rights lol xx

Hope you are still ok. I am a big face toucher but use wipes on trolley handle before use to save worrying. Also keep a anti bac wipe in my hand whilst shopping. So far so good.

Yes, I'm still ok, thank you.

Ps vit d3 i am convinced lack of vit d is why so many old and BAME people succumb to horrid virus. Needs to be publicised more.

I've told so many people how since taking vitamin D3 I haven't had a cough or cold. Since reading that the Chinese had great success curing the virus with vitamin C, I've been happily supplementing with that too.

Well, I’m hoping that you keep safe and I’f you feel the need to be tested at any time I’d just go for it. We are having to drastically be taking care of what we do and don’t do I have just looked at your pic and you are a good 👀 for sure 😊 I’m listening to George and Bob at mo!!! Take care and love 💕

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