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My surgery operates an online service for repeat prescriptions (and other services). I ordered my next lot of supplies last Sunday and included an additional note requesting my next lot of Coaguchek test strips. My last order of test strips was a year ago before surgery went online, so I was unsure if my note would be accepted.

I had planned to call this Saturday and observing the social distancing rules, queue at the night window at the pharmacy.

When I got home from work work today my o/h told me I'd had a delivery. When I looked it was my bag of prescription items - and included the test strips! A free delivery too.

Now I accept they were probably trying to reduce pressure on the pharmacy ( which is in the same building as the surgery) on account of CoVid-19, but I was absolutely blown away by the action taken for FREE home delivery and I hadn't even asked for it. More me ( and o/h) time at weekend as I'm driving buses on basis of an 11 day fortnight at moment. Also delighted my additional note request for test strips worked.

So, well done my local surgery down here in the pointy bit of Cornwall.


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Sounds good John!

I electronically requested a prescription for 4 items on Monday morning and they were delivered to my house this morning. My pharmacy offer that service. I know that all don't offer delivery, but if yours does why not to get them to always deliver them?

I had pangs of guilt this morning, as I went out for quite a long walk down to some small coves and then back through woods full of bluebells. I'd had no intention of walking that far, as I haven't attempted doing any since I went into constant AF last November. It was just that when I arrived at one spot another called me on - how I've missed my walks!

I'd no sooner arrived home and the pharmacy delivery man was ringing the doorbell. He said, "I've been asked to check if you're isolating?" Well what could I say, as yes, I had been at home for weeks before today. I know we are allowed out for exercise, but if I attempt it, even to get groceries, I always feel so guilty. I did say yes, but also mentioned I'm not over 70 yet, so was doing it voluntarily.

It's made me wonder if others on here are going for walks to get some exercise?


Hiya Jean,

Good to hear from you.

Gosh what a fabulous walk you went on ... would love to have done that, suitably armed with my camera of course. I don't do anywhere near enough walking, and for the time being that ain't gonna change anytime soon, working an 11 day fortnight driving local rural and remote bus services so that the elderly and others who don't have a car etc can get to shops during this mess of a time we are in.

One of my trips takes me over a road which is for vehicular traffic, but is also a rambler route and a cycle route. It is deep in a farmland community so there are all sorts of hazards ( tractors towing trailers, ploughing equipment, harvesting equipment) to contend with. That said, everyone is so good natured, and when families are out getting their exercise its great fun to give them a wide berth while acknowledging waves from their little kiddies.

I must admit I knew my pharmacy/surgery did provide this service but as I am so mobile and independent with my own car I had never ever thought about subscribing to it, preferring to do everything myself. It'll be interesting to see what happens in a fortnight when I am due to put in my next repeat prescription request in.

Mustn't let it get too habit forming, others more needy of this service than me .... besides, I'll get lazy :-)

You carry on enjoying this sunny weather.


I walk for about an hour every day and everyone, including the youngsters, follow all the rules.

Some of the pubs get a bit crowded, as do the local cafes those were the days!!! 😢

Every day, with our dog, although the rest of the time we don't leave the house. And like you, walking though lovely wooded areas with lots of bluebells (saw clumps of pinks ones today, they were gorgeous!). We only walk on pavement for a few hundred metres and then we are on the common where our pooch can run around. The people we do see are all observing strict social distancing; we do between 2 - 4 miles a day and no doubt about it, my heart sings!

GrannyE in reply to irene75359

Bluebells round this neck of the woods almost over but they are one of the glories of this ‘Sceptred Isle’.

I had 'the letter' to say stay at home etc. I have asthma as well as AF. I walk everyday and would go crazy if I had to stay in all the time! I don't go anywhere else though and have been lucky so far to get my shopping delivered.

I walk for half an hour or so a day. I find it really helps my blood pressure and thence my AF.

Ironically the same thing happened to me. My wife keeps an eye on my Nebivolol & Edoxaban and orders ahead to make sure that I do not run out. We always collect, to the point that my wife knows the owners + staff by name. We were absolutely blown away by them when they turned up unasked, knock knock your prescription = wow. I suspect it is also very much beneficial to both parties, insomuch they do not have as many people coming into their pharmacy and also they are cutting the risk to vulnerable people. They are one business that are not in a hurry to despatch us 😁 .

carneuny in reply to john6

I rather suspect, that when all this is over some organisations will have developed much more community spirited ways of doing business then previously we ever considered.

Something about necessity is the mother of invention.. Sadly too, others will find it difficult to survive.


Our local pharmacy delivers free too. My husband sent a £20 note to be given to the driver to cover petrol costs and we had a phone call to say that they could not accept it but could the girls in the Pharmacy use the money to bake cakes for the drivers instead and we thought that was a wonderful idea. What a nice bunch they all are! Aren’t we lucky?

When I ordered my last repeat prescription I expected to have to ring the pharmacy to organise and pay for delivery, but hey presto it arrived on my doorstep the next morning before I had chance to ring about it. Good service indeed.

Our local pharmacy in Sheffield has delivered for quite a few years, free of charge. It is a wonderful service and I am very grateful

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