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Keep safe


Hi all Hope all are keeping safe and well I thought I would pop on to see how we all are keeping .

I am still working hard Full time now and settled back in my senior role at work

Hopefully we will soon get back to normality and be able to live a normal life again

My PAF has been behaving except a few times recently but all your advice in the past has paid off I concentrate in breathing slowly and relaxing I even find I'm better working than sitting at home

Thank you for all the advice and support you all gave me when I first came up on you all and was just a nervous wreck . I do still get panicky at times lol

Stay safe please and may the days shine again soon on us all

Love to you all

Yvonne xx

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Lovely to hear from you Vonnie! I was just thinking today of people who used to spend a lot of time here but now we never get a post. Let's hope the people who didn't appreciate the work done by 'ordinary' people don't forget the lesson they've learned as soon as this is over.

You keep safe too 💐💜

Vonnieruth in reply to Buffafly

Hope you are well and all close to you O have been working extra shifts to help cover for those who have to stay off .My great granddaughter is due in May and with all my heart I hope all is well in the world by then

Vonnie 💕!!! How are you?

Congratulations 🥳 I know what you mean, my youngest is 9 weeks pregnant with her second and I hope and pray that he/she will be born healthy into a safe kind world.

Thank you for doing the job you’re doing in these hard times xx

Vonnieruth in reply to Hilly22

Hi Hilly Hope all is good with you and your family I enjoy my job but have to admit I do worry as hubby is in high risk group so needs to stay in for 12 weeks. Apparently I'm not in any group lol Many would say im unique lol Many would say im something else lol


Wow its really good to hear how well you are doing! Im impressed with your working and keeping the a fib monster at bay, good for you! Be safe and stay well💜. Keep us posted on how you are and thanks for your dedication!

Vonnieruth in reply to Hidden

Thank you Hope you are well and keeping safe

So good to hear from you again, and I am delighted your life is back on track. Take great care of yourself Vonnie xx

Thank you Hope all is well with you and yours

Hi! Nice to see your post. Glad you are in better place now xxx

Vonnieruth in reply to wilsond

Thank you I do panic at times but I feel much more positive now

Lovely to hear from you! So glad you’re doing well and enjoying life again. Keep safe xx

Hi Vonnie :-) lovely to hear from you again and to know things are going ok for you, stay safe and well...

Aw doodle I hope all is ok with you and yours

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