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Abnormal QRS Pattern


I'm 16 days post ablation. Yesterday I went on my turbo today trainer (bike) and a will admit I pushed it a little.

I thought I would see you my Kardia read and it came back as unclassified.

I sent I off to kardia and it reported back as abnormal QRS pattern abd I should get a Dr to review.

I have no idea what this means and thought one of you guys might.

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Far too early to be training in my view so not a great idea. The QRS abnormality is probably a results of still healing but why not send the kardia trace to your EP for his take on it?

chris45558 in reply to BobD

Thanks for the replay Bob.

I asked my EP after my ablation when i could get back on the bike and he said 2 weeks and I would be OK.

I felt OK but maybe i will slow down.

I have left a message for nurse to get back and hopefully i will be able to them.

BobDVolunteer in reply to chris45558

EPs seldom have AF or ablations. Our Recovery fact sheet was written by patients for patients so is realistic.

chris45558 in reply to BobD

I am going to slow right down now Bob

I had Abnormal QRS pattern on my Kardia report ...Unclassified.....when my heart rate was 230bpm Narrow complex tachycardia. I was in and out of AF and had dccv the next day.....

Was your heart rate massively elevated?

chris45558 in reply to Jalia


No it was 80 bpm.

I pushed myself on the turbo trainer ( lesson learnt) and my heart was a max of 145 bpm while doing it and to be honest felt good.

I was a little tired after I had finished which i guess is normal.

While having the ablation the Dr could get it all as i was going into heart block as near my AV node.

I have take a a couple of kardia readings today and showing normal.

I have sent a copy to the nurse so hopefully i will get a result back.

Jalia in reply to chris45558

As I went back to normal and had several ECG s after I didn't worry and put it down to the fast rate.

chris45558 in reply to Jalia

I am sure Bob could be right way too soon to be pushing myself and my heart is healing.

Slow and steady next time.

Sent the Kardia reading to my EP and they have checked and said it was totally normal and not showing QRS.

They also said not to send it to Alivecor but any concerns to send it to them instead.

Everybody's heart is different especially the EP's heart. Way too early for that kind of physical activity. You're lucky that you did not revert to Afib.

I never had Afib I had SVT.

It was always food that brought it on. I have cycled 100 mile rides with no symptoms.

Phew......I’d say far too early to be wizzing along......you look good on the outside but that little fella inside has taken a bit of a bashing......give it time.....there’s no rush



Fellow runner and cyclist here. Not had my ablation yet but saw cardiologist last week and he said, re training ,"no need to wrap yourself in cotton wool, but no heroics for 1-2 months". Hubby and I interpreted that as gentle exercise one month is walking; light to steady exercise over the next month ie turbo and rowing, then running after two months provided no issues.

That's just our interpretation met by marrying my enthusiasm to get back with hubby's worries for me!!

Don't know if that helps at all.


I am going to take it slower and see how my body reacts.

Start more slowly. Build up over longer time period. Allow your heart to ready itself for exercise dont just rush at it.- warm up slowly. My thoughts only. Best wishes.

Thanks Tryfan

why would you come here and not to your Doctor?

I have been now

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