A pattern emerging

So I'm currently on my 2 night shifts of my shift pattern and I've noticed that I'm getting a large number of ectopics when I come home at 6:am and lay in bed..... this morning it felt as though every other beat was a missed one for about 5-10 mins, I checked on kardia whilst it was happening and had reading of unclassified and heart rate of 75, then when the went had reading of normal and heart rate of 74... I don't think it was AF, as the rate felt steady... I wonder if over tiredness plays a part in my symptoms

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  • We all have our fingers crossed, Juggsy, that you are going to sail along on a very smooth sea.

    I think working shifts can mess up your whole equilibrium big time.

  • Juggsy , I think that overtiredness plays a big role in all this. It certainly does for me.

    I agree with Rellim about the effects of shift working as well.


  • I did shift work for 9 years and experienced horrible palpitations with tiredness, I had 3 children to support so it was a must, the 7 nights were the worst. My

  • A/F is exacerbated by stress and tiredness would play a big part too. I found mine would kick off more often if I laid on my left hand side. Ectopics are worrisome, so I would run it past our doc, have you worn a tape yet to detect your rhythms?

  • Yes I've worn 48hr monitors but they've been fine, it only seems to happen after night shifts

  • Is there any way you can avoid night shifts maybe as that seems to be the trigger?

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