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I have been advised to try a second cardioversion with the aid of flecainide one week before and 2 weeks after- in preference to using amiodorone which I do not like the sound of - would flecainide be more user friendly than amiodorone ? any thoughts appreciated thanks

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Flecainide is my drug of choice. Over 4 yr Ive taken it daily then as a pip. Ive had no issues with it.

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Thanks for writing & best wishes

Yes I would say that Flecainide is more user friendly.

I really found that the side effects of Ameodarone did not suit me. In fact it made me feel awful.

I have had more than 20 cardioversions and each time the cardioversion put me back into Normal Sinus Rhythm.

I have been taking Flecainide for nearly 30 years and whilst it doesn’t suit everyone, I have found no problems with taking it regularly.


Thanks for that info & best wishes

I agree with the others, so far, Flecainide has never been a problem for me....good luck with the cardioversion......

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Many thanks

Flecainide has worked wonders for me (so far). 100 mg x twice a day. We are all different but many forum members seem to benefit from it.

Good luck Paul

Oh good to hear! thanks for that

I was on flecainide for four years with no problems until Afib came back. After cardioversion I was on amiadarone and I just felt there were too many v scary side effects. Now on betablockers and flecainide awaiting ablation.

Oh that’s interesting- I don’t like the idea of amiodorone at all - so much happier to try flecainide- good luck with ablation & thanks for writing

I was desperate to be off betablockers but when my legs started to swell up I decided bbs were the lesser of the too evils -though they are crucifyung my running. I've got from very slow to am-I-actually-moving slow. Hopefully the ablation will put me back on track once I'm healed up all going well.

Good luck and thanks for your good wishes

flecainide made me feel worse. It does seem to be drug of choice, but propafenone suited me better.

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Good to know - thanks for writing

3 years on 100mg of flecainide with no problems, fixed my AF 2 hours after the first pill.

Recently started getting the odd AF attack and flec has been increased to 150mg.

No further problems, but a bit of a worry bead about flec slowly losing its effect and my having to keep increasing dosage, max dosage is 300mg so a way to go yet, but watching it.

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