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Was recently taken off Nebivolol and given a 100 of Flecainide as a PIP. Have been having an episode of AF all night. My fault for turning on my left side! My hr hasn’t gone above 87 and have resisted the Flecainide so far but today is our 53rd wedding anniversary and I want to enjoy my celebratory lunch.

What rate do others get to before they take it ?


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That happened to me on 15 February. Slept on my left side, wham woke up in AF. 4 hours later AF subsided and another 20 hours after that my heart rate had returned to normal.

No other action needed or taken.😂

Hylda in reply to carneuny

Thanks, that is encouraging

carneuny in reply to Hylda

Must say, it was the first time posture had sent me into AF, in the past it was food.

I assume you mean 1x 100mg of Flecainide as a PIP? If you were given more the remember that the very maximum daily dose is 300mg and you mustn’t take more within 48hrs.

Firstly if it is vagal induced from sleeping on left side - I found it may convert on it’s own when you get up and move around. Also try some slow breathing 3-4-5, square breathing or 7-11 breathing - doesn’t really matter as long as your out breath is longer than your in breath and you reduce breathing rate down to 6-7 per minute. Secondly try vasovagal maneuvers and be very careful what you eat and very small portions - and stay in rest & digest mode after eating.

Flecainide is a rythm not a rate drug so my understanding is that it really doesn’t matter what your HR is, however, remember that you must take it on an empty stomach and if it is the first time you have taken it then I was advised that it should be under medical supervision. I sat in my GP surgery the first time I took it with nurse monitoring me and GP checking on me between patients. Once they were clear I wasn’t going to have an adverse effect then I was allowed home.

Flec usually worked within a few hours but it isn’t a nice drug to take long term.

Hope you get to enjoy your very special day.

Best wishes

Hylda in reply to CDreamer

Many thanks. Certainly wasn’t told I needed to be monitored and now I’ve had my breakfast, so have resorted to 5mg of Nebivolol and will try some deep breathing


CDreamer in reply to Hylda

Isn’t that a beta blocker? If your HR isn’t high why would you take it? My concern would be your HR going too low and i doubt would have an affect on the AF.

Hylda in reply to CDreamer

Probably using it as a placebo. My resting rate with a beta blocker is usually 53-55.

Flex is ok to take if you have no underlying heart disease. It has kept me stable for at least 6 years.

At my recent EP consultation I was told to take 100 flecainide if an episode of AF doesn't correct itself within 20mins of starting. After 3 hours if there is no improvement to take another 100. Max is 300 per day.

I have never had a rate problem, just a very raggy rhythm. Flecainide has never given me any problems. Using it as an occasional pip gives me a degree of control.

Very best wishes.

Hylda in reply to jennydog

They are all so different aren’t they. I was told to wait two hours. I guess it’s just the first one I am anxious about taking



I was told to take 150mg after 20 minutes of AF and then a further 150 mg after an hour if still in AF. No more than 300 mg in 24 hours.

Elsie xx

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