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Headache when walking?


I'm getting headaches when walking and a tachycardic rate of around 180bpm when walking.

I'm in my early 20s no health conditions just under investigation for sinus tachycardia of at rest around 140.

Blood tests normal.

ECG Sinus Tachy

Echo normal but reaffirmed I'm resting tachy.

Just waiting for 24hr ECG results.

I'm abit stumped what this could be? I used to be able to walk to work everyday 4 miles now even finding 12 steps in my house is making me out of breath and the headaches. Any one else experience anything similar?

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Sorry, this isn't going to be much help to you, but I also get headaches with any form of exercise & neither my GP nor my cardiologist can offer me any explanation.

I was diagnosed with AF 12 months ago after experiencing what I think was a SVT episode while out running. This was also accompanied by a massive headache. I'd been getting the headaches previously for a few weeks prior to this when exercising hard but no other symptoms.

I've just had a 24 hour monitor which revealed another SVT episode and plenty of ectopic beats. I have a feeling that it's the ectopics causing my headaches but I can't pin down exactly how or why this should be happening.

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Has anyone offered you any treatment?

I'm only in my 20s and currently signed off work because of my symptoms. I just want to get fit and back working!

Hope things improve for you too

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No treatment as yet as my AF isn't problematic for me at the mo, and I'm under 60 so don't need anti-coagulants yet.

All the best with your issues, and if you find out why you get the headaches please let me know!

Hi, I would make sure that your blood tests included thyroid studies including T3, T4, and TSH. Disorders of the adrenal gland such as Pheochromocytoma should be ruled out, This would require specialized blood studies and /or imaging studies. An endocrinologist would be helpful.

Hope you get this diagnosed soon and would be most interested if you find a diagnosis. Best of luck, Etheral

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I have an appointment Monday so will mention to the doctor if he believes this could be adrenal? .

I've had thyroid iron and d-dimer done, all normal.

Just hoping it can get sorted. I've been signed off work because of feeling so rotten with the tachycardia!

Who's telling you sinus tachycardia? Some doctors can't tell the difference between sinus tachy and atrial flutter.

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Gp sent me to A&E a month ago and their doctors said sinus tachy.

Cardiologist reviewed my echo and confirmed all normal and I'm just sinus tachy at 140.

Hoping the tape might have caught an SVT episode. Headaches really getting to me. They come and go as quickly as they come on.

Could you give us some more information? Diet related. Do you drink massive amounts of coffee etc. And, what kind of job do you have? And lifestyle? Are you married? Do you have ten kids? Just a girlfriend that you have fights with a lot? Do you have an inner demon that is always wanting you to take risks? I just need more information. As you say you are in you are in your 20's...

Only drink decaf tea and coffee. Always drink lots of water occasionally will have a Pepsi Max as a treat. Very limited alochol intake. Usually maybe one or two drinks a week.

I'm a nurse.

No children.

Not married.

As a nurse, are you on your feet the whole shift? Is your shift 12 hours long? from 7-7??

Yep 12.5 hour shifts

So... Do you know anything about circadian rhythm? Everyone is a little different. But it's possible that your circadian rhythm doesn't work well with your shifts. The reason I say that is because my Afib goes nuts when I stay awake too long or awake too early. You may want to take a look (and keep a journal) at the times of your shifts, what kind of work that you're doing within the shifts and how the headaches come and go. I would also stop drinking any decaf products and stop alcohol for a month to see if that is playing a role too

I'm happy to try anything.

Unfortunately I've been signed off sick for a month and have had a pretty normal schedule of wake time/sleep time. This is due to the symptoms. My GP wasn't happy for me to be working Inna fast place ward with such a high heart rate which is a new and not diagnosed condition.

I'm in abit of limbo.

Will definitely try to cut out the decaf too and alcohol. Sticking to water will probably be the healthiest option untill all is solved!

Any idea what I can ask the GP to test further for? Feel too young to let this take a hold of me.

You may have to go back to school and get a masters in Nurse Management so that you're not on your feet as much or spending long hours in a fast paced environment.

Are you taking any magnesium supplements?

Not taking any magnesium.

Had the blood test done the other week and it came back normal. However I have heard magnesium is very good for this. Will discuss with my doctor tomorrow what a safe amount of magnesium to take will be.

What is your weight/height ratio and your BMI? Do you have a sweet tooth?

5ft 2

9.5 stone

BMI 24 which is considered healthy for my height.

I was quite active before this set in a month ago. Walking 2 miles to work. Working on my feet all day. Walking 2 miles back. And attending the gym once or twice a week.

If weather permitted I even walked the dog before work.

I'm struggling now to even walk get up the 12 stairs in my house without having a pounding pulse and short of breath. All which I haven't experienced before.

I can have a sweet tooth but I'm very controlled. Having only a treat night once a week, which would usually be a bar or choc when watching a movie. Although usually my go to is unsalted peanuts!

Dark chocolate has caffeine in it. Don't care what the articles say about lowering Afib risk eating dark chocolate. You should stay away from it until you know more. As you said, you were quite active before a month ago. So, what is the trigger? Something chemical in your abode that you use. Think back to all the things you bought a month ago and now. Perfume, cologne, soap scents...

Good point regarding chocolate. Sometimes you don't think about the food might have caffeine etc in!

Might be an idea as you suggested to keep a diary :) will start from tomorrow see if I notice any patterns.

I have a GP appointment tomorrow so fingers crossed he might have some ideas too.

Had my 24 hr tape results.

Two episodes of SVT isolated ectopic beats.

HR ranged from 50-184!!

Mean HR 98.

GP was unsure of what this could be so I've been referred to Cardiology. Hoping to get answers soon!

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