can i trust myself to go back to work?

hi all .... so nearly two months after second ablation. and im starting to think about going back to work . but there are a few things to consider first . such as . i was sacked by my last employer for being off sick for to long . so will i have to tell new employer about af ? and if so .then who in there right mind would employ a driver with a f ? and im not feeling that well at the min either . cant say i feel up to driving a lorry for ten hours a day. but as all of you know . the bills still need paying . and im bored out my mind what do you think ? and happy bday bob...................ta moggy

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  • Hi Moggy - I didn't think you could sack someone for being off sick., especially for something you could prove you had like AF. If that is the case I would go and chat to someone at Citizens Advice. Did you receive written warnings re your sickness, before you were sacked? You should have. You will probably have to tell your new employers about your AF and that you were sacked, if you don't that may give them the opportunity to sack you. Is your AF cured now? If so when you go for a job I would say that your ablation has cured your AF and just tell your AF story re being sacked.

    What I would suggest is that you get involved with some voluntary work, until you can get yourself a new job and also feel better. I volunteer as a room steward for the National Trust (chairs for you to sit on in the rooms for as long as you like), but they also need volunteer gardeners. You can do this work as and when you feel like it as there are no pre-set days. They also pay your mileage to and from the property, so you don't have that expense. Being out of the house and involved in something else could take you mind off how you are feeling. It certainly does for me.

    Hope this helps.


  • hi jean . i had only worked for them for 6 months . so had no rights . problem is if i tell them i have af they wont employ me . they wouldnt know what it is or understand it . and what would it do to there insurance? and no my af isnt cured . but how long can i sit round doing nothing ? thanks for reply jean .but think im stuck ....................yours moggy

  • I wouldn't say anything about the sacking for medical absence, Moggy. You can give the new employer details of the previous one if they ask. The reference they send back should be very carefully worded because it could work against them. As Jean has pointed out, your original dismissal seems full of holes and I imagine it could easily be seen as unfair dismissal. Citizens Advice or a low cost preliminary chat with a solicitor wouldn't go amiss. Hope it all goes well for you.

  • What a problem, I don't know what to suggest. I took early retirement last year because of my AF. I didn't want the stress of my job anymore, couldn't stand the thought of going back there. GP had signed me off for a few weeks after a spell in hospital with my heart racing, so asked if they would accept that as notice instead of the usual month. Reluctantly they agreed. I'm poor now, but happy. I think it would do you good to get some new interests. Ones that don't cost too much, like walking (on the days when you feel well). Local areas have free health walks you can join. You start on the small ones and then build up to the longer. I've been on some of them think it comes under the title of Walking for Health - have a look online. This AF is a horrible thing, but we must't let it beat us. Wishing you well.

  • thanks jean . will have a look. me and my gf have a caravan in bournemouth .and we love to walk the coastal paths. and yes af is a vile thing . ive had to give up most of my interests because of it . including our annual golf trip to trethorne golf club .this coming weekend .as it involves a lot of drinking.... but anyway i hope your well........moggy

  • Hi Moggy, is there anything you could do from home? I work from home and that is a godsend. If you are good with your hands there are little DIY things like making bird feeders and tables... I really sympathise, companies that treat people so badly ought to be blacklisted.


  • thaks lottie. i live in a multie storie flat . so dont think the neighbours will like me doing that sort of thing . in my other job i used to deliver those big gas bottles the 47kg ones .and i loved that sort of work . but now i think all im good for is collecting suppermarket trolleys . but thanks for the reply

  • Sending hugs... I do hope something better than trolleys turns up. If your ablation makes things a lot better that should really improve everything for you. Fingers crossed!

  • ta lottie. thats what i like about this site . the girls are so very kind

  • What's the U3A like in your area? i don't think you have to be almost 101 to join. My other half is, once a fortnight, learning a foreign language. Not lucrative, of course - but costs only 50p per session. Trouble is I can't read the emails they send each other.

  • 2 months is still quite a short time for everything to have settled down post procedure. It took me ages, mind you I am not the best example on here. Try and keep your mind occupied, and not get too down. And don't let it rule your life,

    Good luck


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