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cardioversions and af

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medicinal and electro, both type of cardioversions do work. but question is how long these keep you in nsr and answer is vague. it may be very short, a few hrs and sometimes around an year. but gradually you will notice frequency of af episodes increasing. still you will have to follow the same course on and on. ablation is not a sure shot. somebody may get relief for long periods and others may find themselves not that lucky. only doctor can tell u about ur succes chances.

so u will have to fight and accomodate with af with the medicines and dc cardio version.

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Not sure where you are going with your scenario, but cardioversions don’t always work either, guess it’s all a lottery, but you can only do what you think is right with the information you are provided.....then hope for the best!

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Cookie24 in reply to FlapJack


As someone who has been in af since august and waiting for cardiology appointment, I find this post quite depressing

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FlapJack in reply to Deb1838

Don’t get depressed Deb, at least you are on track to getting a treatment package together. When I reflect how my journey started back in 2014, the first 3 months were dreadful, but I had a cardioversion which lasted just over a year, and with help from medication, I stayed in rhythm until my first ablation in 2016 and much the same happened until my second almost 18 months ago. It looks like a may need a third, but I’m hoping that my situation continues until that happens sometime next year. Of course we are all different, and unfortunately some have more difficult challenges than others, but most of us go on to lead relatively normal lives and hopefully you will be the same.....

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Deb1838 in reply to FlapJack

Hi Flapjack thank you for your reply, good to read a positive comment, I am just trying to get through each day at the moment. Hoping for a good appointment at end of the month

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Jalia in reply to Deb1838

Please dont get depressed! I have had cardio versions in the past which have lasted 4/5 years , some which lasted 12 months and some 6 months.

Cardioversion supported by drugs can be very effective

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Deb1838 in reply to Jalia

Hi Jalisco thank you for your response it’s good to hear some positives, I am getting so low at the moment.

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mbhakta in reply to Deb1838

sorry deb. i just want to tell you that looking into eyes of challenges will give you energy and courage to fight the fear. u don't let negativity and depression handle ur life. reality comes with options and solutions. u are lucky one. ur doctor has suggested to get ablated which is most reliable and effective to get rid of af. but my dr has told ablation would not help in my case. I will have to depend on pills and powders. it doesn't matter. this was not my choice. but this is not the matter of choice either. we all suffering from af want and try to make our life beautiful and enjoyable. here we all are to help each other. options give you horizon, they give u sky provided you are standing firm on the factual ground. I wish and believe that u will overcome the depression and fear.

should I delete my previous post. u can suggest me. anyone can suggest me. I'll delete it.

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Deb1838 in reply to mbhakta

Hi mbhakta I am not lucky I have no plan for an ablation or for a drug treatment at the moment.

Please don’t delete and you are entitled to your opinion, I might have to opt out of here for a while as I am not very strong mentally at the moment.

Take care

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FlapJack in reply to mbhakta

In my view, the whole purpose of the forum is for folks to express their opinions and views with the intention of helping others. Readers are all adults and can decide for themselves if the comments are of any interest or value to them. The only time I get twitchy is if I read something which I believe is potentially harmful or misleading. Whilst I think your post seems overly negative to me, I see no reason for you to delete it.....

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Visitingcat in reply to Deb1838

Hi Deb

A previous cardioversion lasted me 5 years with odd breakthrough episodes.

Then I got stuck in af at end of June, went to gp when I realised it was not going to self revert. She put me in for an urgent cardiologist appointment as I was having bad indigestion/ angina symptoms. I felt about 20 years older and could not do anything or go anywhere.

I could not manage and my symptoms were frightening me so I went to a&e (after being indecisive about it all day) on a Sunday, late afternoon, bpm was 160 just walking across the room.

Was triaged after ten minutes and put straight through to resus ( I had convinced myself they would not be bothered and would send me home). They were fantastic and so kind, they tried to convert me with two different drips which did not work then put me on the cardio ward o/night. They had seen short runs of ventricular tachycardia on my monitor.

I saw a lovely consultant the next day who referred me for cardioversion ( but did put me on amiodarone) which I had mid sept.

Apart from one 18 hour episode first time I walked (slowly) round the supermarket it has lasted ( touch wood) I feel totally different, no indigestion meds or pain.

My urgent referral came through, it’s this week. If I had not gone to a&e I would just now be going on the list for cardioversion probably.

I feel I was very lucky with this outcome, if you are feeling so ill and depressed and if your symptoms are bad maybe try a&e?

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Deb1838 in reply to Visitingcat

Hi Visiting cat, that’s good to hear that you are getting the attention you need.

I have been to a and e twice but they just sent as long as my heart rate was below 120 I was ok. So unfortunately I am waiting for a routine appointment,

I seem to age every day. I look in the mirror and my eyes have no soul left.

Being a diabetic my af seems to have upset my blood sugars as well.

Sorry feeling a bit low at the moment as I have a hacking cough as well at the moment

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Visitingcat in reply to Deb1838

I’m so, so sorry you are feeling so ill, I hope your appointment comes through soon and you get the help you need 💐

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Deb1838 in reply to Visitingcat

Thank you

Someone I know, remains totally AF free after a cardioversion 3 years ago. She still takes a low dose of Digoxin.

My case:

Cardioversion 1 without anti arrhythmic drugs lasted 4 days, reverted to permanent AF.

Cardioversion 2 with flecainide lasted 12 weeks and reverted to paroxysmal AF 1 episode per month.

Ablation bad few months then 1 AF episode in the whole of the following year.

So re cardioversion seems to depend a lot on coadministration of drugs. But the best outcome in my case has been to have an ablation.

I was diagnosed with AF almost twelve years ago. As time went by, I had 4 cardioversions, the AF disappearing with one of them for about a year, with another for about 20 minutes (THAT was depressing). The other two CVs obviously also failed at some point. I was finally fitted with a Pacemaker in March 2015, then had an AV Node Ablation and the PM activated in October '15. I have never looked back. The PM has not completely obliterated the AF, but, as I am no longer aware of the arrhythmia, I am content and I hardly ever think about it anymore. Just my experience. It seems that there is always an answer somewhere but it sometimes takes a rather circuitous route to find it.

I had my cardioversion last January.... 10 months in NSR and counting.

We are all different and all our experiences matter.

My first cv lasted four years

I remained in NSR for 6 years after my 1st CV

15 months after my second, and 3 years after my

3rd all supported by Amiodrone for approx 4/5 months prior to procedure.

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