I have AF episodes and EP

I have AF episodes where I need to be cardioverted. However I have a couple of months where AF is not a problem, I am on Verapamil 240 mg. I am concerned that the visit I am having with the EP on the 5th February in Sydney may be premature after seeing the long term problems a lot of people on this site suffer from. I am a babe in woods compared, and feel that maybe the appointment is way too early. Any thoughts??

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  • Hi. Never too early to see he EP. I wish I had been referred to an EP so early on. Look forward to it, he or she should set you on the right road earlier than a cardio.

  • Thank you Pip the cardio mentioned this on my first visit

  • Hi Soozie. Nver too soon to see the right people. There is ample evidence that earay intervention by ablation has a far better outcome than drug therapy over time. Don't wait for things to get established. Act Now.


  • Thank you Bob, I was going to cancel because of my doubts about being a fraud, on this site there are so many people that are far worse off then me and it made me doubt myself or the solutions to the problem.

  • Hi Soozie

    Agree with everyone else, we are all different, and if you are getting PAF then seeing an EP early is the best thing that can happen.

    Just by comparison, and for example, I'm in persistent A Fib, pulse is always like a bag of weasels 24/7 but then I get virtually no other symptoms, so compared to many on this site I'm the complete fraud. But we are all welcome here, those with the worst symptoms, and those like me with not a lot.

    By the way has anyone mentioned anti-coagulants?, you need to protect yourself from stroke, and if you are being cardioverted for AF then it's likely you need to be on an anti-coagulant (and not asprin)

    Be well


  • Ian, after the last cardioversion in March, I was told to take the new anti coagulants, but then when I saw the cardio I was told it wasn't necessary, I am healthy enough at 59. I know I am in line for a stroke if something happens yet the doctors feel I do not need it. I cannot physically make the doctors write the script. When I see the EP on the 5th I will put pressure on.

  • Well I'm 57 and on warfarin, and actually relieved to be on it because my cousin (our AF is in the family) had a series of TIAs at my age. Always better safe than sorry, I say...

  • Thanks Eatsalottie, mine is also family related however the cancer generally knocks our lot off before we can cark it from anything else. Will still push for thinners though.

  • I would go if for nothing more than peace of mind. That in itself goes a long way. Good luck.

  • Also, ask, and it never hurts to ask, about a blood thinner. I am on Pradaxa which is a blood thinner and stroke preventer. AFib can cause mini strokes. I am on it not just for my history of AFib but also because I had a seizure. So be you own best advocate and ask about a thinner.

  • Thank you mkp will take that on board

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