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Morning everyone, after this last bout of AF it seems to be taking longer to get back on my feet. Took my dogs out yesterday and had an awful feeling of how can I say this, worry or overwhelming feeling. Like not safe or something. Have had it before when I first started with AF. I was fine when I got going. Now I have been awake since 4.30am. I need some more sleep. Had horrendous nightmares. Does anyone else ever feel like this. I am fine in the house. X

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What medication are you on Gilly?

I am on 100 mg flecanide twice a day, 10mg bisoprolol, and then the usual rivaraxaban, omeprazole and statin.

I asked because Flecainide gives some people nightmares, it gives me hallucinations and I've now reduced my dose to 1 x 100mg in the morning and 1 x 50mg 12 hours later, so far so good. Before my third ablation an attack of AF would leave me drained for a few days and I would feel that normal everyday life was a struggle. Poor sleep will also make you feel a bit flu like and often mentally unable to cope.

Could you have a nap this afternoon?

Big hug my friend, you are not alone in the way you have described. I guess there are quite a few other members here who will understand exactly the way you're feeling.

Jean x

Thank you, that's made me feel better, just had an hour. Im at work at 4 so plan is get jobs done and sit down at 2 and have a nap. Have a good day. X

Hi Jean, you say you have had three ablation. Does your AF still play up then. How long have your ablations lasted? X

None of them have cured me and AF has always returned very soon after each ablation. The first one stopped my heart from banging in my chest when I walked up hills (I had no idea that other people's didn't do that). The second didn't help at all, but the third definitely did and I've had few severe attacks since then, though periods of AF now last for months until I have a cardioversion, which may give me around 6 months mostly AF free.

Would you have it done again. I am going to have a second one done. Xx

If my AF was bad, yes. However, I would have had a very strict healthy food diet before making that decision.

When I had my first one done. My hubby was on Chemo. I thought very naive that having it done that would be it all mended. I used to enjoy a drink eat what I wanted and so on. Then I lost him and everything fell apart. When I have my next one I will not abuse my body. I haven't had alcohol for almost two years now and stopped eating red meat and rubbish. So I am going to be positive and go ahead and have it done. I am a bit scared but hey ho. X

So sorry to hear that you lost your husband due to cancer Gilly. I can only imagine what an awful time that must have been for you.

When I had my first ablation I thought it was going to be an instant cure too. Good luck with your second one.

Feel for you Gilly xx Yes, I’m sure lots of us empathise with feeling like that 😕

It’s really good that you were fine after pushing through... for me it helps build confidence every time i actually am ok, after feeling like i’m not going to be :)

Like Jean I was wondering whether your meds might be causing the nightmares. I think bisoprolol gives me very vivid dreams (not necessarily bad ones). I feel for you with the nightmares and hope that it passes and you can get peaceful sleep.

If it’s not medicine induced, I find I can do some practical things to make my sleep more peaceful and my dreams happier. For me having lavender in my room & on my pillow has a really positive impact. And so does consciously putting away sad/anxious thoughts before I go to sleep and choosing to focus on something happy. (For me I do this with prayer, others use mindfulness/ meditation etc.)

May not be any use to you, but thought I’d say it anyway just in case :) Sending love and best wishes that you start feeling much better xxx

Thankyou. I have lavender bags everywhere. Pillow mist and a temple stick. I definitely believe in it. Thanks for your thoughts. X

Hi again, that feeling that you are ok but it might come back is worse. But I think when I get through another day I think that's good. Then it will be a week and hopefully a month. Am always busy have to make myself stop. X

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