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Good Morning everyone. Have woke up

This morning and my heart is juddering and I feel like I can hear my heart beats. Have been having my AF on and off for a month now. Have had my bisoprolol upped a bit that was last week. Don’t like this feeling. Was just wondering if any of you out there who have AF constantly have

This feelin x

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Sounds like it is very early days in your AF journey and yes it can be worrying. In answer to your question yes many people have permanent AF and live fairly normal lives. IT does get easier to live with over time.

The general rule is that unless you have chest pain or are passing out, riding it out at home is the norm. Drink plenty of water, rest and try not to focus on it.

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jillybeanposh in reply to BobD

Hi Bob I was actually diagnosed in 2012 but think I have had it a lot longer. Been well for 14 months and now it has started messing

Me around. Been down

The road many

Times but always knocks

Me about.

(((((jillybeanposh))))) .... just wanted to send you a hug!!!!

Thank you I felt it. I live on my own so I do miss a hug. Got

My dogs


Dogs are awesome!

Big hug from me too. I also live alone and sometimes i think thats a good thing because when the AF starts i like to be left alone to feel sorry for myself lol, but seriously it would be nice to have someone alongside to help you on this journey so i know how your feeling. Last two nights for me have been horrendous, keep smiling 😊

How are you this morning? I am scared to move just in case it starts. I can feel and hear my heart. Dogs didn’t get

There walls yesterday. Just can’t seem to get any air into my lungs. Am contemplating whether to call specialist can’t live like this. Dreading waking and walking. 😒

I have just had an overnight stay at the hospital, been told i am now on a waiting list for an ablation. I am lying in bed this morning feeling sorry for myself and wondering why me. I will snap out of it because thats what us humans do but yeah i too am feeling very dejected. I am sure things will get better for us. Take care x

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Diver2 in reply to stoneyrosed

So glad to hear that I’m not the only one who wants to be alone when they get an Afib episode... my husband doesn’t get it and always wants to distract me by inviting people over!

My AF used to feel like a car engine idling and juddering, so I think I know what you are experiencing. I'm afraid I think it's all part and parcel of this hateful condition. It would only feel like that on rare occasions though. If you are concerned I would speak to your GP or one of the nurses at your surgery and ask if you can go to them for an ECG.


Morning Jeannie. Heart has settled down. But due to bisoprolol being upped have that horrible struggling for breath feeling. Just woke up and went to make a cuppa and feel puffed out. Was walking dogs yesterday and had to get back as I was getting panicky its like no air in my lungs. We can’t win can we. I suppose body has gotta get used to medication again. Xxx

Hi Jilly - I know that tired feeling from my past and really feel for you. It was discovered that I had an underactve thyroid as well as AF and that was making me feel dreadful. Have you had yours checked? If not please do so.

Re the breathing, I understand that too, it makes you feel like you need an oxygen mask. Do deep breathing allowing your stomach (yes stomach not chest) to rise as you breathe in. Hope this helps.


Good Morning, I have just been watching Dr Gupta about Magnesium Pidolate. This one is for Ectopics. Now did I read in one of your messages that you take it? I want one for energy. I am presuming that

Magnesium doesn’t affect any other medication especially blood thinners. Anyway hope you are well. Thanks Gill.

I take magnesium glycinate.

Watch that your blood pressure isn't too low now that your bisoprolol has been increased . That can also make you feel how you've described.

I am

Going to check that now. Thanks

Hiya I'm back after an absence so I'm going to try to keep up......l feel quite lucky that l don't get a lot of AF symptoms but when l do it's usually in bed and l feel it as I'm waking up....especially those flutterings that l occasionally read Dr has just upped one of my meds to apparently slow my heart rate but I'm feeling my pulse with a resting rate of between not sure to slow it down more than that....any advice please?...

I used to have it intermittently, but since I found the music therapy of Marconi Union If I do get it, it goes away when I listen to the music

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