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Cost of ablation,on private health insurance?


Does anyone know roughly the cost of having an ablation in UK, I live outside UK so I would not qualify or expect to qualify for NHS procedure, I have private health insurance and so I'm just making initial enquiries, thanks.

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I believe about £15,000

Jo-hannah in reply to wilsond

Thank you, I thought it might be more......

CDreamer in reply to Jo-hannah

It does vary slightly from centre to centre region to region and also the deals your insurance company has with various hospitals but £15-20K is ballpark. What you do need to be careful of with private insurance is coverage for possible on-going complications. A lot, lot more in the US!

Jo-hannah in reply to CDreamer

Thanks CDreamer, it is good to have this info before hand, much appreciated.

S11m in reply to CDreamer

My step-daughter told me that ablations are $250,000 in the US... but that might have been the Hollywood price!

CDreamer in reply to S11m

We’ve had people posting that type of figure - but that is their system of healthcare - the best & the worst.

Jct9841 in reply to S11m

Mine was billed at 163k in the U.S.

Insurance contract price was about 20% of that.


I agree that £15k to £20k is ballpark . What one must be careful of is "hotel costs" of hospitals. This is the nightly/daily bed fee which can be upwards of £500 per night so any delay in recovery or complication can easily run up considerable costs. If travelling to UK one must also factor in that you need to be accompanied when you leave hospital and preferably not travel on public traansport.

Jo-hannah in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob, there is a lot to take into consideration, my daughter is a UK citizen, born and raised,living in Lincolnshire so I would be looking to have any procedure done in the Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire area, but I appreciate all the info I can obtain at this stage, even though I see my EP here in Cork in July and he may do it if I (and I will be) am more positive about the ablation,I would still be going down the private route, not like your NHS, thanks again Bob.

Just outbof curiosity, where do you live mate?



Jo-hannah in reply to JohnEagel

I live in Cork, John.

CDreamer in reply to Jo-hannah

What about Dublin? I know several people who have had excellent treatment at the Mater. (Husband is Irish).

Iam pretty sure you would have to travel from Lincolnshire to a regional Centre of Excellence - in UK they are based in Liverpool, Birmingham & London although there are other centres but you would then have to find a clinic who performs private procedures which are often but not always in the vicinity of the major bases.

Even though we have NHS, many of us had our ablations privately purely because you have a little more certainty of timing and who will perform the procedure, essential if you are travelling anyway.

Jo-hannah in reply to CDreamer

Yes, I am going to call Laya this morning and have a chat with them re my options, they are usually v helpful, problem with me at the minute CDreamer is that I have had a lot of Afib since beginning of April after a good run of 18 months approx. and I am all over the place, panic and anxiety ++, lots of other fairly tough contributing factors of course!!!! but anyway I am not too bad this morning and I am good at bouncing back :) I will see my EP here in Cork on the 9th and TBH he may agree to ablation, 'though he's not keen, thanks for your help, all good wishes to you and your husband.

CDreamer in reply to Jo-hannah

We are all here to receive and offer support to each other. It is a horrible condition and can be very scary at times but if you can put in some strategies for keeping calm, breathing techniques help many but CBT, Yoga, Meditation or just doing things you enjoy really, really help. Your body releases endorphins when doing things you enjoy which cancel the stress hormones such as cortisol, testosterone, adrenaline and noradrenaline so find something to take your mind off what is happening to your body, very hard I know - but it works. At my worst I became a fan of audiobooks - mustn't be a thriller of course - but something light and comic are meaningful works for me. You may prefer music - just anything which diverts your mind from negative thoughts will help.

Let us know how you get on. xx

Jo-hannah in reply to CDreamer

You are very kind CDreamer, and thank you so much for your support, kindness is like a healing balm and it draws me back to here each time I am in 'Afib fear and panic'......I swim a lot and that helps, so I swam today and I had a gentle walk, believe it or not I get great peace when I'm helping others but when Afib strikes it seems to be all me, me, me, fear I guess, at least I'm becoming aware of it. I need to be more mindful when it strikes. I keep meaning to go back to Yoga and I will....I will keep you posted, people like you and Bob are a true blessing and I am forever grateful......I will look up some audio books on YouTube later, I haven't visited Jane Austin for a while and she is always so delightful :) Fond wishes xx

CDreamer in reply to Jo-hannah

Anything that calms you and a walk in nature is absolutely the best. Do you swim in the sea? We are coming to Ireland for a family wedding and having a short holiday in Clifden, Connemara in August, so looking forward to it.

Jo-hannah in reply to CDreamer

I only swim in the sea July and August, otherwise at my local leisure centre, ages since I've been up to the West, but it is beautiful. I'm from Cork :) you'll get that smile,as you have an Irish hubby :) In fairness it is a great place to live, I am near the sea, Crosshaven, I am just 20 mins from the airport which is great for escaping, am heading off to Spain on Sun and taking my grandson to London in August, I love England, spent my youth and beyond there, (trained in the NHS) raised my children in Lincolnshire , if you are down this part of the island in August or anytime give me a call, always a welcome on my mat....xx

Ah ok. I had my ablation 2 years ago and because I live in Asia I had it done at the Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok. Also with private health insurance. It did cost all in all 30K USD incl 3 days stay in a comfortable single room. What is also important to consider when you think about where you should have your ablation done is the mapping technology that will be used for the procedure. There can be quite some difference about latest technology and how precise the areas where the rouge electrical impulses originate can be mapped. Mine was a combined left atrium for Afib and right atrium for flutter. All I can say is that they did a great job and all I am having are the ectopics here and there but never an Afib attack ever. With life style change, getting rid of some pounds, more sport, healthier food, I am sure I will reduce the ectopics too.

Cheers and good luck and keep us posted on your



Nugger in reply to JohnEagel

The above link is the people that invented it & are considered the best in the world

5 day stay around the $20,000 us

JohnEagel in reply to Nugger

Damn I knew I should have studied French instead of Mandarin ;-)

Good on you Nugger

JohnEagel in reply to Nugger

Thats what they used on me, alao pretty awesome.

MikeyF in reply to Nugger

Where I went a year ago nugger. OK so far. Will be back like a shot for a second/‘touch-up’ procedure if, as and when needed.

cuore in reply to Nugger

I have had three ablations there and highly recommend them. From persistent I am now in sinus rhythm.

The cost is around £20K+ in a top London hospital. I think the skill of the operator is key and as you're going privately I would go for the best and they tend to be in London. However Bordeaux as suggested above is a good alternative.

Jo-hannah in reply to MarkS

Thank you very much MarkS, I appreciate your useful feedback, best wishes!

I had my ablations done in Oxford, which was a "centre of excellence" a few decades ago.

I had me 2nd ablation at the Wellington London last week. In the 5 years since my 1st the lab has been refitted with the latest tech and mapping tools. My EP work with what must have been a suspended 80” high def screen. He was pleased with the procedure and pointed out the quality of the lab gave patients better results and reduced complications.

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