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Hello again. Diagnosed with Paroxysmal AF last weekend and now on Rivaroxaban. Have been feeling uncomfortable in chest area and slight headaches especially at night even though at the moment pulse is normal. Are occasional uncomfortable feelings normal for non active EF? (Have also had diarrhoea and upset tummy)

It could also be from my acid reflux which I take PPIs for. Could also be psychological! I will get it checked out but would like to hear from anyone with discomfort in chest and in particular if they have acid reflex.

Went to dentist today and thankfully he managed to fill my broken tooth! Thanks to all who gave me confidence.

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Replying to my own post! It's really amazing how after I have written a post, often the answers come up from previous posts over the years. Its really good - but would still like to hear from anyone should they wish to write.


Yesterday and again this morning I have chest pain. I am in nsr and have according to my gastroenterologist, sever acid reflux for which I am currently having more tests. When gastro issues exacerbate it affects my heart and triggers arrhythmias.

I am keen to hear what my gastro says in responses to all my ongoing tests but am currently awaiting a follow up app. I have had a full cardia workup via my cardiologist for the chest pain hence I have been referred to a gastro. Hope this helps.


This is a coincidence!

Before Christmas I had non acute pain high up between my ribs. I have Pesistent AF and also diverticula disease. I thought the pain was non cardiac but ,was worried it was an ulcer. Especially worried because I am on Rivaraxaban and was travelling alone to NZ. I had an endoscopy and the lovely Gastroenterologist said nothing sinister but acute acidy stomach , probably combination of heart drugs and stress.

I was reassured, travelling went fine.

3 weeks ago, out of the blue , a nasty urine infection set my AF into chaos and I was sent into cardiology and tested for a long day.

I came home but knew the heart rate was not calming .2 weeks later GP sends me straight in following an abnormal ecg.. many more tests, a

Consultant in AE , cardiology told me the drugs were not working and even if he upped the dose of Digoxin he was pessimistic about the outcome. He kept me in and I was transferred to Coronary care unit. The next day , late afternoon , a young doctor came and looked atall my notes and discharged me. I slightly protested , he shrugged and said” this won’t kill you”.

Nursing team , fantastic people, were astounded, but I came home at nighttime by taxi.

Last Sunday night I became really scared and decided to research where there was an electrophysiologist. I e mailed one and was amazed to get an appointment 2 days later. Private again.

I am utterly despondent now. She recommended a new type of Ablation followed up by a pacemaker. I have had 2 failed ablations and did not enjoy them. The thought of a pacemaker fills me with a paralysing dread. I know so many people have them , I know it saves lives but I am convinced it is the beginning of the end.

In the past month when all this really upsetting stuff has been going on the pain high in my chest in has returned , it is so confusing because it is so damn close to where I assume my heart is. I mentioned it to my physiologist , I asked if it is possible that the pain IS setting off the AF.

I get the feeling that cardiologists see their patients as HEART and nothing else. The whole body outside this box is not often considered. This is what leads to conflicting information and, there is nothing as debilitating as one person telling you one thing and the next telling you something different.

It seems many posts are about the possible link between Gut and heart.


Thank you for replying. Wish I had some answers but totally new to AF. However, I am really interested in the gut and heart connection and I am trying to find out lots more. Will share anything constructive.

May I ask if you are in London. You were certainly fortunate to get an appointment within two days. Was it useful?


I am in Cambridge. I got an early appointment because I went privately , I did this reluctantly because I am so scared and confused by conflicting advice from heart people. The last time I went in as an emergency was only 2 weeks ago, first doctor was not too hopeful and said I had to stay in to get stabilised. Loads of tests done. Fantastic nursing staff!

Saw no doctor till 5 pm next day and he told me to go home( alone ) saying” You won’t die from this”.

Came home by taxi absolutely unsettled.

Next day was lucky to arrange this private appointment, I think I was wanting a miracle , comforting prognosis. I did not get it.

End of November last year I had a very cheerful, flattering positive assessment from another cardiologist. I was floating on a cloud of confidence ....

Now I am not!

Hope you get some holistic sense told to you.


Yes indeed. Thank you.


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