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Ablation and fibromyalgia

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I’m bluenomore (positive thinking !)

I’m new here and I was wondering if there’s anyone out there who had had an ablation who also suffers from fibromyalgia , as well as atrial fibrillation.

I’m unsure whether to go ahead with the procedure as I’m worried about the pain and recovery period afterwards for someone who is quite severely tired and in pain from the fibromyalgia. Many thanks

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Do not suffer from fibromyalgia but had three ablations and nothing I would ever call pain. A little ache for a day or two is all but nothing which needed more than paracetamol .

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Bluenomore in reply to BobD

Hi BobD

Thanks for your reply , that’s very good news , hopefully I will feel the same !

I have a different autoimmune condition "ankylosing spondylitis" which can be excruciatingly painful when I have a flareup.

Because of this condition, I am unable to lie on my back without discomfort for more than about 5 minutes. It was decided to do my ablation under general anesthetic.

I was in a lot of discomfort when I came round after 5 hours flat on my back for the procedure, and a further hour or more following to allow the entry site to clot .

However, I would go through it all again if I have to, it's been worth every minute of pain.

As soon as I could move around I could get in a position to relieve the pain, and you are in the right place to get some top quality drugs :D

Other than that I did not have a difficult recovery, felt fine the next morning, and the issue is that it's too easy to do to much!

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Hi , that’s very encouraging to hear , thank you . I expect it will be the same for me as lying down too much will make my pains worse , and yes I’m fully prepared not to overdo it afterwards as that will definitely set me back in fibromyalgia terms.

I guess I’m just worried about the pain factor as for example just having an echo scan caused me a lot of pain in the ribs afterwards for a few weeks , but no one seems to have experienced too much pain in the chest or groin area so I will stay hopeful.

Thanks again and I hope you continue to feel well in terms of AF and do not have many flare ups with your other condition 😃

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Thanks, I have been so much better since my ablation, and I'm exercising more than ever. Exercise certainly helps my mood and i'm sure I have less pain now.

Do you have a date for your ablation?

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Thanks Mikee69 , I’m just starting to go back to gentle excercise myself as I know it helps fibromyalgia, mood , and the heart. I just have to be careful not to overdo it .

I don’t have a date yet but I have my pre-op on Monday (21st) and I think they said they would give me a date at this appointment , though I’m still undecided whether or not to actually have the ablation but I think I’m swaying towards it now.

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Not long then, date should be a couple of weeks after the pre op

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Oh ! I was hoping for more time lol but best to get it over and done with I suppose

My advise would be to tell them in admission you have Fybro and they will accommodate this by supply you with additional pressure pads...l wasn't aware of this until after the event...

It probably took me longer to recover than others as I really needed lots of rest but we'll worth it.... Dont miss this opportunity or you may live to regret it...Carol.

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Thanks Carol , I will do that. My cardiologist has recommended ablation under general anaesthetic due to fibromyalgia patients feeling pain more , but didn’t mention how I might feel afterwards. I take it you have fibromyalgia also ? And would you mind me asking how long it was until you felt ‘normal’ ?

It’s good to hear that a lot of people are recommending this procedure ....

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Ha ' normal ' that's and understatement l don't think l have ever been ' normal but joking aside it did take me a longer time to recover 12 to 18 months l would say...

I would not worry unduly about the pain l was given extra powerful pain relief for about a month after..

Yes l have Fybro and l have had it for as long as l can remember from a very early age...

I would not be alive now but for the Ablation l was so very poorly fighting to breath and passing out towards the end...l couldn't tolerate the drugs either like many other Fybro suffers ...I was very scared-scared of dying and scared of being is so much pain that l wouldnt be able to tolerate it but here l am still alive and pain free apart from Fybro flares..

If you wish please feel free to private message me...


Hello, I had Fibro and terrible daily bouts with SVT and PVC/PAC’s for years. I had an ablation in 2016 and continued to have issues with heart arrithymia but they got the SVT fixed. My chiropractor suggested I go gluten free to see if that helped both fibro snd heart. It did help heart right away and about a year post going gf all fibro symptoms went away. I also had to stop eating anything with artificial sweeteners. The food we eat makes a huge difference in both conditions. I am living proof. I do not have celiac but am allergic to wheat.

Hi needlestone

I’ve often thought that I may be intolerant to wheat /gluten. I know sugar definitely aggravates my fibromyalgia . I will give that a try , thanks for the advice. I hope you continue to remain symptom free.

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