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What a great feeling!

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What a great feeling when you pop back into NSR!

I've been having a lot of PAF episodes again recently and I try to keep calm about it at the time. I take Flecainide as a PIP and it takes almost an hour to the minute to work, I could almost set my alarm :) .

It's a moment I look forward to. What a great feeling, being 'normal' again for a while. Oh and to have a goodnight's sleep afterwards.

Does anybody else feel the same way?

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Yes! The magic pill!

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I'm very lucky that a mixture of heart valve surgery and an ablation along with a pacemaker has seen me in NSR for about 6 months.

I don't miss those "be still my beating heart" days and nights waking up feeling the heart skip skip miss a beat!

Long may it continue for you.

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