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Which is the best beta blocker with the least side effects

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Been taking chelated magnesium three days now. Working well for palpitations which had gotten worse three months ago. Tried bisoprolol, cardevilol and propanolol. Terrible side effects. Any other options of beta blockers with the least side effects?

On propanolol in the interim 20mg three times a day when necessary.

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I take a very small dose of Metoprolol 12.5mg along with Flecainide. I used to take it in its own as a PIP when my AF first began 13 years ago and it worked quite well. A full tablet of 50mg could take my heart rate and BP down too low, but I soon discovered that a lower dose was better. It's quite difficult to assess whether a slight lack of energy, these days, comes from drugs or getting older.


Hi jj50. Hope you are well.

I take 25mg meto every 12 hours (or should i say twice a day!!) Been doing this for about 5 years now.....I do seem to get the odd "whump" and flutters now and again. I can't remember if you had an ablation or not?

Did your Con recommend you take Flecainide as well? I haven't heard of that combination before.

(I am tempted to try magnesium like Dkawira but not sure if this is a good combination either.)

Like you its so hard to tell whether a slight increase in SOB or tight chest and feeling fatigued is due to increased ?? AF or just getting older! :<{

Atenolol gives me few problems and I have taken it for about 16 years for blood pressure control. Having a slow heart rate does not bother me in any way but I do have cold extremities and it's easy to get chilblains in the winter.

I have used Coreg for about 3 years now and it has worked great with no side effects. Much better than my previous one metoprolol.

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Dkawira in reply to Flaka

Thanks alot. I was changed to isoptin (verapamil) 240mg and it's been working great! Very few palpitations now! Wish I had started on this earlier. Beta blockers don't seem to work with me

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