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Side effects of Bisoprolol / Beta blocker



I'm on Bisoprolol 3.75 mgs daily. For the last couple of weeks I'm experienceing clammy skin, flushed face and sweating from morning to sleep. Does anyone have any sugestion how to control/eliminate this side effect? I've thought of changing me meds but these side effects are common to Beta-blockers.

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem and I'm on the same dose. Unfortunately I've not found any thing that makes it better.

I take the beta-blocker Metoprolol 2 x 12.5 and have not had any problems with it at all.


I was on 2.5mg Bisoprolol which made me tired and feeling tough. I changed to Atenolol 25mg which works almost as well without the same bad side effects.



If this is what the medication is doing to you 😳

I would go back to your GP and change them

If that was me i would not be worried about covering the symptoms from the side effects but be concerned as to what the hell is this drug doing to my body



I,be been on bisoprolol 1.25 for 4 months for svt and missed heartbeats, I,vet gone from an active 69year old to an old woman, feel so tired and have no energy. Waiting for an appointment at Barts hospital London.

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I've only been on them 1x 2.5 daily and 2x5mg Apixiban. For Dec 16 th I'm tired and achey no energy nausea and trapped wind as soon as I eat or attempt to I'm also on Atorvastatin 1 x20 mg and 1 x5mg Amlodipine have had water inf and rash feel aweful not sleeping and having weird dreams and panic Attacks having blood test tomorrow and going to see gp re changing them the weird dreams seem to have decreased a little still not sleeping and blood test repeated shows rise in liver enzymes 1 dr app cancelled got to see gp 3 rd march hope to get some advice

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Και εγώ παίρνω concor 2.5 mlg εδώ και δύο χρόνια έχω χαμηλή ενέργεια σύγχυση σκέψεις και καταθλιπτική διάθεση μπορώ να κανω κάτι για αυτό

Bisoprolol affects different people very differently - I'm on 6.25mg and quite fine, my hubby is on 5mg for high blood pressure and it leaves him permanently tired and feeling really rough. They put him on 10mg and he could barely function...

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Hello. I was on bisoprolol & numerous other medications but my cardiologist took me off them ,almost immediately I felt the benefit of coming off them, They have to be very careful with my medication because of my kidneys heart failure, etc sorry just meant to respond to your question on bisoprrolol ,good luck & hope you get the right one.

Warm 🤗


I'm currently on 10mg bisoprolol and all I can say is you eventually adjust to the symptoms. Years ago 2.5 Was enough to drop my BP and make me feel lousy for an hour after.

I have been on 10mg a day for 3years never a problem but everyone is different

I reduced Bisoprapol to 1-25mgs,I couldn't take the 2-5 mags. I feel ok most of the time.

I am on Bisoprolol, same dose as you and my face goes so red from minimal exertion, I think it will burst, I have to sit with an electric fan blowing directly on it so it cools down . It is effecting my confidence. I told my GP, who wrote to the Cardiologist to change my meds over 8 weeks ago and I am still waiting for an answer.

I have been on 10 mg Bisoprolol for 7 years and to begin with the side effects were minimal, just slight breathlessness. However as time has gone on I can now barely function but not sure whether it is the drug or heart failure. I also have a pacemaker.

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