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AF and Lercanidipine

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I have recently been prescribed Lercanidipine for my high blood pressure and I am waiting for an abalation for my AF. Since starting this medication I have slowly noticed it affecting my AF. I had not had any AF symptoms for a few weeks and feeling really well. I started on this medication and over the period of a week my AF started to be troublesome and today I am breathless with AF uncomfortable symptoms. Has anyone any experience of this medication as I am feeling inclined to blame it for what I am experiencing at the moment.

Thanks to anyone who can help and support me. May you all have a peaceful Christmas and New Year.


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I haven't heard of this drug,hopefully someone on here will have experience of it.It does seem a co incidence! Perhaps check with your prescriber?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year too xx

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It says this drug a ccb is well tolerated mentions rare side effects as tachycardia, so just maybe you are one of the unlucky few who suffer this.

It may not be afib.


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Mentions "pounding heart beat" as a side effect

I also have read the drug fact shet from "activis" it also mention fast heart beat as a side effect of this drug.

I am not a medic nor have any experience of this drug, but suggest you speak to your GP.

I’ve had it prescribed for around 3 years or so (with Losartan which is also for blood pressure). I am not aware that it causes AF.

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