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Tambocor (Flecainide) Availability


Having discovered that no pharmacy or wholesaler had any stocks of Tambocor and having cornered the local market and acquired adequate supplies for the next 4 months I have just had an email from TEVA who are the new licencee.

They have informed me that they have had availability issues in recent months but that supplies of all strengths will be available early 2019.


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Thanks Pete. As I said before this often happens with lots of drugs and soon sorts itself out.

Good news, pete - we all need to be on the ball where medication is concerned.

That's good for you Pete in chasing it down. Fortunately any old brand of flecainide works for me but I always have a couple of months spare!

Hi Pete

The only Flecainide brand I'll use is Actavis (now taken over by Accord), it's made in a factory in North Devon still under Actavis name. If I'm ever told by my pharmacist they can't get that brand I ring the factory direct and am always told which supplier has stocks. I tell my pharmacist and they get it. Have never heard of the name Tambocor used in this country. Is there something I don't know?


Morning Jean

I know that the vast majority are OK with generic Flecainide.

I have taken Tambocor Flecainide for over 25 years now so it has been around for a long time.

When generics first arrived on the scene I was summarily switched. 2 days later I went into AF. Of course it might have been a coincidence but I spoke to my doctor and he said that for peace of mind he would name Tambocor on my prescription in the future.

Maybe I am being paranoid but all the years of AF are indelible tattooed on my brain and I try to do my best to keep the equilibrium.


Jean do you have the phone number - I cant fi d anywhere?

01271 385200

Good to know they are made in uk with all this possible no deal stuff and predicted delays to medicines

I agree. My sister in the States tells me that a lot of theirs are made in China and are rubbish.

Many thanks

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