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What chemotherapy treatment is normally used for secondary ovarian cancer?

Hello. My mum has recently been diagnosed with secondary ovarian cancer and she's now worried about going through chemotherapy again.. especially about hair loss. The first time she didn't lose her hair and chemotherapy was used more as a mop up session. The same has happened again where the cancer has all been removed through surgery and again she'll be having mop up chemo. Basically, I'm asking do you think she'll need to have a different chemotherapy or do they normally use the same treatment as last time? Last time the treatment worked really well and ended in 2016. Thank you for your support. Hope you are all doing well xx

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Hi. Did you mean to post in the My Ovacome forum where you usually do?


Oh yes I did, sorry I posted this incorrectly. Xx



This is a forum for people with irregular heart rhythm s,I'm sorry I doubt anyone on here can offer support on this. If you click on search on the main page of health unlocked with your question that should get you to the most relevant forum. Good luck xx


Sorry everyone.. I have posted on the right forum now. Hope you all have a nice Xmas Xx


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