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Shortness of breath

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I had a Cardiac Ablation for AFib seven weeks ago. I am still experiencing shortness OB breath that has not improved. I have discussed this with my cardiologist and he says it will get better. I returned to work two weeks after the ablation and I am having a very hard time working because of the shortness of breat. I have no energy. Is this a common problem?

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I would say that breathlessness is not common at 7 weeks post ablation, and that you need further assessment unless you have been medically reviewed, examined and investigated very recently.

I did not have shortness of breath following my afib ablation until I developed atrial flutter 9 days after. Then I was VERY short of breath!

Are you sure you are in NSR?

If you are in NSR, then what drugs are you taking? Could it be those? Where you short of breath before your ablation?

Good point from KMRobbo about flutter which can follow ablation for AFib. Also, flutter with a high degree of AV block can masquerade as sinus rhythm. My GP is sceptical about that. A KARDIA might be useful here.

I am in NSR. I have not had any arrythmias since ablation. I am on Lopressor 50mh qd

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