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Hi, had paf for 18 months. Ive managed to reduces the episodes dramatically by losing 3 stone. Havinv ablation in 8 weeks. Now, since I've had the paf I have developed shortness of breath, even when im in nsr im feeling short of breath, I only takes meds as a pip when I have an episode. Does anyone else experience this problem even when they arent in an af episode. My pulse is regular.

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  • I had my first PAF a couple of weeks ago and started feeling terrible shortly afterwards. I can only walk very short distances without feeling unwell. I dont get breathless because i dont exert myself to any degree because of the feeling i get from my body.

    I found the other day that I can be in AF without me noticing any physical effects, so I am thinking that could well be causing the tiredness and weakness.

    However I am also getting checked out for other stuff too.

  • Hi JSG,

    You are not alone here. Following my "successful" Ablation at Liverpool nearly two years ago I still experience breathless on inclines and walking up stairs, no where near the severity pre- Ablation but still troublesome...I have just had the results of a 24 hr monitor which shows no AF only benign ectopic beats.

    Sometimes I think I may not be breathing correctly or shallow breathing which I am working on at the moment.

    I had PAF also.

    Best Wishes for you forthcoming Ablation.


  • Interested in what you have said about breathing correctly Carol. I think this could be part of my problem as well.


  • I often find that I forget to breath. Getting in or out of a car or bending down putting shoes on suddenly I am gasping for breath. Like you Carol I'm working on it but recognising is the first step. Strange we all seem to suffer?


  • I have the bending over breathlessness too, Bob. Planning to ask doc about it at June followup.

  • My problem too. Sometimes I realise I'm doing very shallow breathing and I feel as though I'm not getting enough oxygen into my body.


  • I agree, I know that sometimes I was so concerned with my heart that I did not breathe correctly. I kept my breath in to "feel" my heart, to determine if it was still in rhythm.

    This mixed with some panic attacks earlier in my life showed me that I must breathe correctly.

    I have also found that if my stomach is full or windy I find it difficult to breathe in a full breath, and that creates stress and this can start a vicious circle (for me).

  • Hiya Carom a

    I am waiting to hear for an ablation and see yours worked fine!! That's great news..did it make you feel better overall?

    Thanks for the boost reading your post c xx

  • Hi Frank,

    The answer is a big " YES" Ablation gave me my life back and I am happy and grateful to be AF and drug free.


  • Thanks C. thats very reassuring

  • Yes,I've developed a similar problem although my last ablation (3rd) was 3 years ago ( can hardly believe that ). I don't know whether its the drug Disopyramide which us causing it. Will discuss with my EP when see him in July.

    Quite often my resting pulse is in the 90s although my BP can be 90s/60s at the same time. My resting pulse is normally in the 70s . I was a bit concerned this weekend as I was getting breathless on just slight incline.

    I haven't had a full blown AF episode for nearly 6 months ......thought things were going too well.

  • I too have PAF suppressed by daily Flecainide and Bisoprolol and I have days - like today - when I am short of breath and slightly wobbly. The drugs probably contribute to it but I think AF and other minor arrhythmias are a factor too - certainly today I can feel ectopic beats and dehydration also plays a role.

    It is a good point about not breathing properly and 'listening to your heart' whilst holding your breath - I catch myself doing just that. I think it was Jeanjeannie who called it 'waking apnoea' and it cannot be good. I've just started Tai-chi classes in the hope of improving my breathing.

  • I was told and have confirmed by personal experience that AF DOES cause some of problems and breathlessness.

  • Tai-chi may be helpful but joining a choir and singing REALLY teaches you abdominal breathing!

    Just 5 mins daily practice of abdominal breathing - as you would do in meditation - will help enormouslY.

  • Hiya Jimmy

    I've had A for years and that breathlessness thing..It's horrible and you feel weak and have to stop and there's NEVER anywhere to sit..

    I've lost about 30 pound and it's helped a LOT though I am 60 and still can't go far. .The DREAD of its thinned out mate...don't worry everyone on here are brilliant and WELL clued up so I hope I may have helped in some way.

    Good luck bud!


  • Thanks for the replies they all make sense and are very supportive

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