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Good news

Been away awhile as my social media addictions were getting out of control. This week is my 3 yr anniversary of my relationship with a fib( paroxymal). Ive been on and off flecainide, from daily to " as needed" as PIP. I finally convinced my doc to run an event monitor on me for 30 days to prove ( to me) whether I was having any undetected a fib, as I didnt think I have had any since last spring. Im happy to report the monitor showed no a fib at all!!! I know that can " change in a heart beat", lol... but Im really happy to say in 3 yr the a fib has been less frequent, not progressive. Fingers crossed it continues, maybe a fib will forget my address😉

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well when you have finished with the afib 'fairy' send them around to me!

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Will do🌟

Good news thanks for posting its very encouraging to hear this gives us all a bit of hope.

Hi Hoski :-) good to hear from you and to know you are doing well, long may it continue,,,

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Thankyou! After I posted this I hoped I hadnt jinxed myself🤣

Good to know that Hoski. Always good to hear when the condition of any one of us gets better - that gives us hope to be well again one day.

Always good to hear of someone improving! Enjoy!

Hi have you made any changes to your lifestyle that you think has helped?!! Great news x

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So far Ive lost 40 lb( still have 40 more to go), gave up soft drinks and alcohol, improved my terrible diet, turned 65 and retired from a busy nursing job. I think cutting out alot of stress and getting more rest has been really helpful as Im having more fun now.

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That’s a Re-Sult! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Long may it last for you. Any ideas about actions you have take which may have helped?

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See above response


That's great!

That’s great news.

Nice to hear, encouraging news for many.

So happy for you...very hopeful...thanks for your post!

Shows what the doctors know! They think we don't know what goes on with our own bodies. By the way, did you do anything to keep Afib away for 3 years? diet? exercise? pills? ablation? etc.

- Rick Hyer.

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Ive been diagnosed with PAF about 3 1/2 yr now, no episodes for the last 14 months. The only things Ive done is what I mentioned. Looking back, I think I have way less stress since Ive retired and Im taking better care of myself. Nothing dramatic but I do know on occaisions when Ive overindulged in high sugar and/ or sodium over eating, I get “ pre a fib” like symptoms so I think diet plays a role.Hubby got me an apple watch so that helps my peace of mind re any asymptomatic a fib. I cannot say what has kept it away. Every night I thank God for my normal rhythm and ask Him to grant me another day of no a fib or any of its friends😉

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