It is now three months since I underwent cardiac ablation for A Fib and A Flutter (the full English you might say) . The procedure wasn't as straightforward as the EP would have liked but I survived and, as far as I can tell , I have been in NSR ever since.

I really am enjoying getting back to a degree of fitness after so many years of living with an inefficient heart.

Thanks to the EP and his staff at The City Hospital Nottingham's Cardiology Dpt. and, of course, to our wonderful NHS.

The attached image represents, I guess, the Holy Grail for all us living with an arrhythmia - NSR

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  • Such a pretty sight. I would say you have more than survived. Glad life is going so well for you, long may it continue.

  • Oh I'd love a reading like that!!

  • good news- well done!

  • Me too...I would love an ECG Reading so steady...I am in persistant AF...ENJOY!!! It's the holy grail for all of us

  • I am a newbie on here. It is great that you had such good results at Nottingham. I have been waiting to see them since Feb. I have had SVT for 7 years, which whilst being a nuisance I have managed to resolve using vagal manouvres. In Feb I lapsed into Atrial flutter which is now a different ball game. I have been really stressed out by more episodes of palpitations and due to my GP saying an ablation may not be possible due to now having more than one arrhythmia. This has now sent me looking for EP's with good records. Would you mind divulging who carried your procedure? Hope this is in the rules!

  • Hi Mazzad100. I would be interested to know which sorts of arrhythmia your GP has in mind when he says that an ablation might not be possible. A Fib and A flutter can be sorted at the same time by ablation, although it can be a very lengthy procedure. In my case I was in theatre for nearly 6 hours!

    I can't really comment on good or not so good EPs since I have only been on the receiving end of one such practitioner. My guess is that unless you can go private you don't have a choice. Anyway I get the impression that team work is the key to a successful ablation because the EP wielding the ablation tool is only as good as the 'techies' who provide the information.

    Do let me know how you get on at The City.

  • Lovely! How nice to hear a success story. Thank you for posting.

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