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Then had AFib since early age of 20 never knew what it was so I rode it out since it was never symptomatic. Once it became symptomatic and frequent. Was officially diagnosed with it this year (33 this year). Put on beta blockers, blood thinner. Few days ago had cold hands, fatigue, a little dizzy probably due to meds don't know. Went to the hospital. Over night they caught 9 extra heart beats. (NSVT) Maybe? Either way been very fustrated with the situation and cardiologist who seems to be no help and only solution seems to be always just increase medicine dosage. Which incresed my kidney enzymes so I had to decrease my dosage. Since my reports and EKGS all come back as normal. It seem like my situation is going nowhere

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In your position I would consider investing in a KARDIA ecg device (£100) and seeing an electrophysiologist (EP) privately for a consultation only appointment (£200) to get a road map for your AF journey.

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Thanks for the suggestion. That seems to be my best bet.

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