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Sulphites May be causing PAF

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Hi everyone. After 11 years of stomach bloating bringing on AF and thinking it was gluten allergy or carb intolerance. I now think the most likely culprit is sulphites. sulphites are used as a preservative in a huge amount of dried foods, flours, pulses, tinned fruit and veg. They are also sprayed on fruit and veg to maintain their colour and on meat particularly chicken to keep it white. sulphites do not have to appear on a label unless they are over a certain amount. It seems the only way to avoid them is to go completely organic. Does anyone else know anything about a link between sulphites and PAF or indeed have any experience of controlling a sulphite response. Thank you

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I have identical responses to sulphites as I do to msg both give palpitations and kittle me up. But only with sulphites above 10 mg/kg , all you can do is read the label if its not mentioned its below 10mg and that has never effected me.

It does seem a ridiculous small amount 10 parts per million but it has a frightening effect.

Yes I suspect the same. I bought some artisan fruit squashes got them home and found they had sulphites on the label. Sorry I don't have any info on S just appreciate its wrong and heading more and more to unadulterated food and trying to curb this desire to have new experiences all the time to titillate the palet.

My worst sulphites/MSG experience occurred when I had dinner in hospital right after my pacemaker was fitted. I had chosen chicken casserole for but it was not quite as I expected and was rather exotic and a rather orange colour.. My head started to sweat and I felt flushed and suspected that it might have MSG in it. I began to feel light headed and dizzy and called a nurse. She had me lay flat on my bed and checked my BP that had dropped considerably. She thought that I might be dehydrated and had me drink some water and injected something into my cannula followed by a saline solution. My BP gradually start to recover but she kept me laying down for some time. When I felt better I sat up and had my dessert.:-)

I developed a severe salycilates and sulphates allergic reaction that became very apparent as my heart was deteriorating and I ended up on a very restricted diet and was even allergic to things like shampoo and other skin products.

Very glad to say that since my heart has been aided by a pacemaker my reactions have reduced significantly although I still have to make sure I do not have an overload of these. I may add that it was not an overnight reversal from having a pacemaker. The recovery to where I am now was gradual and I still have to keep an eye on ingredients.

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