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I am due to have a transnasaloesophagoscopy tomorrow during which they use a lidocaine spray to numb the throat and larynx. I know that when I go to the dentist I cannot have the lidocaine injections as it sets of my palpitations.

Does anyone know whether a lidocaine spray in the throat would have the same effect and if so what would be used as an alternative? I'm panicking more about that than the procedure itself.

Thanks in advance.

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The spray would surely be topical whilst the injection would get into your system, so perhaps not the same. Worth mentioning your problem with the injection though as there may be an alternative.

You can have some banana flavour stuff that's just short of nasty to numb the throat and feels a bit odd. They will be very experienced and will put you at ease as anyone normal will be apprehensive, or extremely so.

Hope it goes well!


I found the banana stuff pretty horrible, but last time i went for my TOE the hospital was four days into using a new type of anaesthetic. It tasted vaguely of mint and seemed more effective.

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If you let them know when you get there they will give you an alternative. I had the banana acid flavoured one 😀 Which was not the best but it did the job and had no discomfort, pain or AFib.


Hi all. Thanks so much for your feedback. I was all prepared to ask for the banana stuff. But they decided they’d just scope my throat instead of oesophagus so I didn’t need any spray after all 😊at least I know that If required in the future there’s an alternative option ~ thanks again.


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