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Early in September I was waking up during the night gasping for breath, off to the GP, ECG etc, welcome to AF. Since then i have had more blood tests than i can remember, more ECG`s, chest X-ray and echo-cardiogram. Along with all of this came swelling of the legs / ankles,shortage of breath, constant phlegm on the chest, tiredness and loss of appetite due to feeling bloated constantly. Because of the bloating i was sent for a abdomen scan yesterday only to be told that i have Plural Effusion (fluid on the lung, hence the bloating). I have seen a Cardiologist who suggested a Cardio-version on which i await.

I have been given no medication whatsoever from my GP or Cardiologist apart from water tablets, I did some score test that told them that I did not need thinners. I often read on this great site of being in or out of AF, how do you know when you are ? Apart from all the side effects that I have, I have not suffered palpitations etc. Can anyone throw a little light on things for me, my GP acts as if its no big deal and the Cardiologist had little time to explain things. By the way i am a Male 56 who has always been active and likes a few beers regularly.

Many thanks

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My first thought is that you need a sleep test as sleep apnoea sound like what has been happening and this can lead to AF. Whilst it does not sound like you are getting the treatment you deserve we are not medically trained here so really should not comment. You may like to consider your alcohol consumption as this never helps in such cases.

As BobD says, because we are not medically trained we are unable to comment specifically but it looks as if we you have two (possibly unrelated) health issues to contend with. Given the various tests to have regarding your heart, these have been comprehensive as long as someone is co-ordinating the results and formulating a treatment plan specific to your condition. If you have persistent AF, the cardioversion will establish if your heart can be returned to normal sinus rhythm and to what degree this may improve your quality of life. I wonder if the Plural Effusion is deemed as being more important to treat than the AF, I wouldn't know, but the AF treatment thus far is not unusual and echoing Bob, alcohol and AF are not good bedfellows and may not help the bloating either...…...

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