Can anyone tell me if they suffered from gout while taking Apixaban also has anyone who suffers from AF and flutter had a problem with low kidney function . I have developed gout and am trying as is my GP to find a medication I can take to help it as he doesn't think aAllopurinol can be taken with Apixaban.

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  • Hi.

    I have been on Apixaban for around 3 months now - my recent kidney function blood test came back slightly lower than expected so I am to be retested in two weeks. I also get cramp in my ankles at night.

    Hope you will soon be feeling better.

  • I suffer from AFib and also have low kidney function. Are the two related?

  • What medications are you on?

    When did you last have a blood test?

  • I take Eliquis and Norvasc

  • Sorry...I forgot to add my last blood test was 4 weeks ago.

  • My hubby has gout but not AF (lucky man)... He takes Lercanidipine for it, whatever that is. The doctor said the gout was probably related to one of the high blood pressure drugs he'd been on, do you have to take any of those? Also cherries are supposed to help, and steer clear of sardines :)

  • Search on here re gout. This is something which can be helped enormously through diet, including cutting back on red meat and 'purines'.

  • Hi

    check out My husband is a gout suffer for many years and finds their products keep it at bay. Has attacks very infrequently now. He however does not have. AF

  • Hi,

    I have suffered for gout for many years and in July suffered a bad attack. At the time I was taking Bisoprolol and Apixaban and I blamed the Bisoprolol. Due to being on Apixaban I wasn't able to take the normal NSAIDs, which didn't help.

    I drink cherry juice on a daily basis and that seems to help.

  • I had bad reaction to Apixaban and Rivaroxaban with kidney problems and infections so stopped them both and am now on Warfarin.( the former are both anticoagulants in tablet form and quite new)

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