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Please help

Had ablation for SVT and afib 2 and a half years ago. Over last couple months I’ve had a few episodes of my heart racing. I am an ER nurse so I took EKGs of myself. I found it to be sinus tachycardia and sinus arrhythmia. My heart rate jump to high 160s. Has anyone experience any of these symptom years after ablation? I am only 35 and could use some guidance

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Hi, it would seem different areas of your heart are affected, as you undoubtedly know predisposing factors, ( rheumatic fever, endocarditis,) can predispose. Are you seeing your cardiologist? Regards, Shirley.


I am ten years post my last (third) ablation yet still occasionally get episodes of atrial tachycardia requiring DCCV to restore NSR. I think it has happened three times in that time. My EP has said that if it happens one more time he will try to ablate it but commented that it is very difficult.


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