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I was just wondering ? Is healthunlocked just a site for people to find out and try to get help and ask questions and hopefully get some good answers from people or any body that would have heart conditions that can answer about heart conditions ? Because I have a really bad Gastro problem that's kept me out of work for four years now, since 2014 and 10 or so more years before that when it started . And I have been reading what's been coming to my phone and 99% of it is about heart conditions and fibula later's and everything to do with the heart ? So should I be asking questions on this site about Gastro problems ?? I just don't want to get any one mad or angry that I'm clogging it up more than it has to be ??

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Hello Poopedout, HealthUnlocked is made up of several communities, each dealing with a specific health issue and this one focuses on Atrial Fibrillation, which is a heart condition relating to an irregular heartbeat. If you log into healthunlocked.com, you will find an A to Z list of all the different communities involved and hopefully you will find one which deals with gastro related problems.....hope this helps....

Over 500 communities healthunlocked.com/find

Try searching GERD or gastric or stomach or digestion or GI tract.......or anything else you can think of. Trouble is that gastric issues are a very broad symptom of very many underlying conditions, including heart conditions.

You might also look at Healthy Eating - I’ve seen a lot of people talk about health conditions there.

This is forum is about a heart condition called atrial fibrillation. There are other forums which deal with arthritis and also gastric/ gastro problems, amongst others.

However, with AF some people find that gastro/ digestive/nutritional issues form the basis of triggers for AF. That may explain why under this heart forum you see cross references to digestive issues.


If you look at the top bar there is My hub

click on that and open

> Browse communities

Enjoy the browsing. :)

Poopedout in reply to sleeksheep

Do you mean that little face next to the name sleeksheep ? Click on the little face that's at the top of your message to me ?

Poopedout in reply to sleeksheep

I do not know a lot about computers and how to do certain things ?

No right area wrong side

Straight above there is Home --- My hub --- Chat.

In your web page above look for

HealthUnlocked - Its green in the middle of the header bar.

on the left side are the tools you can use in this page

My hub - left click on it

then left click on the blue writing

> Browse communities.

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